Dogs (Applications for Adoption Invited)

If you are interested in any of our dogs and have already submitted an adoption application in the last year you don’t need to do anything, you will automatically be considered. However, please comment on the dogs post on our facebook page so that we know that you’re interested. Otherwise, please submit an Adoption Application form which can be found in files at the top of the page or on the website. Thank you.


Betty is a little 6 yr old girl. She's good on the lead, recall a little hit and miss, loves humans and generally gets on well with other dogs; she's currently being fostered with female BTs but recently did show aggression to a much larger visiting male BT so we're not sure if it was territorial or she felt threatened as he was so much bigger than her but for that reason we think it would be better if she's homed with female dogs or as an only dog.

Betty still has the odd accident indoors but is generally clean. She's non-destructive and although can be left for 4 hours, has shown some signs of separation anxiety and would therefore benefit from someone who's around most of the time. Untested with cats but good with kids however, is quite bouncy so we feel would be better with children of 6+.

Betty has undergone soft palate and nostril widening surgery whilst in foster.

Betty's adoption fee is £250. She's currently being fostered in Bridgend, South Wales so potential adopters must be prepared to travel there to meet and fetch her.


Binxii (female aged 12) and Chunk (male aged 10) are looking for a home together. They are Boston/Pug crosses and both are neutered. They are good well behaved dogs who don’t like cats but are good with other dogs and with children. Chunk will bark at other dogs when out but that’s all. They’re playful, clean in the house and non-destructive (although Chunk is quite partial to shredding a soft toy). As with any elderly dog their hearing and eyesight isn’t great and they don’t need big long walks – they’re quite happy with shorter walks and a cuddle afterwards. They are being fostered in Birkenhead so potential adopters need to travel there to meet/collect them. Their adoption fee is negotiable due to their age and UKBTR are happy to cover vet bills for anything which would normally be covered by insurance.


Charley is a 7 year old neutered girl who came to us due to a change in owner’s circumstances. She’s good with children and other dogs but is untested with cats. She’s one who likes to jump up with excitement so best with children 8 or over unless dog savvy. She’s good on the lead and in the car and her recall is good. She has bad eyesight and has undergone surgery to save one of her eyes. She will need eye medication for the rest of her life to prevent her ‘good’ eye deteriorating and to continue to protect the eye which has had surgery. Full details will be given to the adopter. Her fosterer feels Charley would be happier in a home with another dog. She is being fostered in Manchester so adopters need to be willing to travel there to meet and collect her. The adoption fee for Charley is £250.


This handsome, 14 month old neutered boy is now ready for adoption.

He is good with children and other dogs but has not been cat tested. It is felt that he would benefit from living with another dog. Chadwick is an active dog who loves walking, he loves to play tug and fetch a ball, but equally likes to snuggle up on your knee.

He is clean in the house and non destructive, he likes to sleep in his crate. Chadwick is good on a lead and has good recall.

The adoption fee for Chadwick is £350. He is currently being fostered in Flintshire so adopters need to be prepared to travel there to meet and collect him.


Ralph is 3 year old neutered male. Ralph is a very loving boy who gets along with other dogs. He is clean in the house and non destructive.
Ralph came back into the rescue due to showing some signs of aggression. Since being back in foster he has settled back down and hasn't shown any aggressive signs, however the rescue will offer full behaviourist support to his new family if this behaviour arises again. 
Due to his history we would like Ralph to go to a child free home. 
Ralph is used to being an only dog however outside of the house Ralph loves to run around and is very playful with dogs so we feel he could live with another dog. 


Our gorgeous Bella is a 1yr old French Bulldog. Her cleft lip is purely cosmetic and doesn’t affect her and belies her sweet nature. She is having surgery next week for her cleft palate and then will be ready for her next adventure. 
She has just been in season, will need to be spayed and will go with a neuter contract.

She is a tiny frenchie with a big personality and we would like to home her with at least one other dog as she loves ALL other furries. She loves to play but due to her bounciness would be best with older / dog savvy children.

She is non-destructive, rarely barks and is housetrained but has the occasional night accident. She will need ongoing training for lead walking, recall and commands as she is still a young girl and life is just so exciting.

Bella is being fostered in Cambridge so potential adopters would need to be prepared to travel there to meet/adopt her. Her adoption fee is £350.


This very sweet little lady is Sara, a Pekingese.  She is 10 years old but looks and acts much younger!  She doesn’t handle very long walks well but enjoys short walks, outings and playing ball.  She can live with cats and although she gets on with other dogs she can be very human and toy/food possessive so she’s probably best as an only dog. She walks well on the lead, her recall is very good, she doesn’t bark excessively and in fact is an all round good girl.  She has growled when someone she doesn’t know tries to pick her up so we won’t rehome her with young children.  Sara has had one eye removed but has adapted very well – she was blind in that eye for quite some time beforehand.  She has also developed diabetes which is easily managed with twice daily injections.  Due to her age we would like a nice retirement home for Sara where she can live for the rest of her life.  The rescue will cover veterinary bills as adopters would be unable to get her insured.

Sara is being fostered in Basingstoke so potential adopters would need to be prepared to travel there to meet/adopt her.