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Pepi & Rafi's fosterer is going away at the end of this month and will be away for a month. Would any of you good people consider fostering them either until she returns or permanently? They're not socialised with other dogs so need to go to a dog-free home. Maybe you're waiting to adopt a dog but could take them in the meantime? These poor dogs have been through so much already. Their owner died, they had to be moved from their first foster home as the fosterer was going away, now they're going to have to be moved again. Nobody wants to adopt them. Please can anyone help?


George is a 7 year old boy who came into rescue when his owner felt he needed to be an only dog due to his grumpiness.  However we’ve found he does get on well with other dogs (he has been living with 2 others in foster), although he can’t be trusted around other livestock such as chickens as he likes to chase them.  He’s untested with cats.  He’s good with children but with his tendency to growl we won’t rehome him with children under the age of 10.

Since being in foster he has improved a lot, but he still has a way to go and adopters must be willing to learn from his fosterer and continue with his training.  He can be nervous and fearful in new situations and when meeting new people, and will growl.  He also growls when asked to do something he doesn’t want to do like get down off the sofa.  His fosterer has learnt to manage him very well so his growling became less of an issue, so it shows that with the right owner he can behave.

George is a very loving and affectionate boy who enjoys cuddles with people he has got to know and trust.  He’s also very playful with other dogs and with his humans, enjoying tug of war and ball games.


Rolo is a 7 year old pug rescued from Romania. Rolo is an absolute sweetheart; good with other dogs and kids, great on lead (recall off lead a bit hit and miss-typical Pug!) He has been hit in the past so will run and cower with sudden movements 😞 
Rolo came with some potential back leg issues; hip displasia and a luxating patella but the good news is he has been signed off from the vet regarding these, with nothing recommended other than metacam when needed and supplements such as Yumove.
Rolo is looking for a home, with children of 7+, and can live with dogs if possible (prefers females). He needs understanding owners who will help to build his confidence given his previous abuse.
His adoption fee £200 and he is currently being fostered in Cambridge so potential owners MUST be prepared to travel to meet and fetch him from there.


Please welcome Dotty. She is a 2 year old neutered female.