Dogs now reserved pending Homecheck






This little man came in to us as his owners moved abroad and sadly due to Hugo’s health issues they could not take him with them. We are looking for a special type of adopter with a big heart as Hugo has Protein Losing Enteropathy (PLE) which he receives treatment for and also a heart murmur which is under control without treatment. He has a special diet food to help with this and Hugo will need treatment for life for his PLE. Luckily his insurance can be transferred to his new owner to cover these conditions. It is currently £37 a month with the usually yearly excess charges. He is 5 year old and neutered.


Despite his health issues this tiny little man has a great quality of life and is a very happy and affectionate. He loves cuddles, his food and playing with /destroying his toys. He enjoys short walks (he can tire easily) and has good recall off the lead. He is house trained and non-destructive (other than killing his toys) and he is great with children of all ages (toddlers to teens) he is fine with cats and also with other dogs and we feel he would benefits for having a doggy companion. He does bark at the resident small furries though so his foster family feel he should not be homed with these.