Dogs now reserved pending Homecheck




Alfie arrived in foster yesterday, after being rehomed to give him a rest from a persistent toddler and a playful cat. Alfie is an old boy now (he's 9) and really doesn't want to be bothered . Because of his age we didn't want to move him twice - into foster and then a forever home - so he's being fostered with a view to being adopted by them. We won't therefore be accepting applications for him.


Deezel is a 2 year old neutered Boston/bulldog cross who was surrendered due to a change in working hours, meaning he was being left alone all day. He is very loving and energetic – needs lots of long walks and stimulation. He’s a boisterous boy so not suited to living with young children – aged 10+ ideally. He’s not used to cats, but gets along fine with other dogs. He can be destructive with his bedding and toys, and will head for soft furnishings, cushions, bedding etc when he gets over-excited. He can also nip when playing – not aggressively .


Tommy is doing well in foster but this is another boy who’s finding the world scary and needing lots of time and reassurance. 
He is an active and energetic boy but oh so clumsy- like a baby giraffe at times! 
Baby steps to accept new people, other dogs and the car but improving and hopefully will be ready for his furever home soon.