Dogs Under Assessment


Please welcome Avatar! He is a blue Boston Terrier, and arrived in foster today...he is feeling very nervous. His family moved away and left him with a friend as they couldn't take him with them, but he didn't get on with the other house dogs. He isn't neutered, and around 5 years old. We won't be taking applications for him until he has been assessed.



Please welcome Bella, a gorgeous little girl. Bella is 4 years old and she is neutered, she is currently in foster being assessed so we are not taking applications for her yet. She is being fostered in Stafford.



Please welcome Huey, he is a neutered 3 year old boy. He is currently in foster under assessment so we are not taking applications for him yet. He is being fostered in Peterborough.


Tessa has arrived from Cyprus! Sandi fetched her late last night from the transport company to save her another night in the van and she was taken straight to our vets this morning as we were so concerned about her leg. The x-rays (which he hasn't charged us for) show her tibia is completely severed just above the ankle so her lower leg is just hanging. The good news is he thinks something can be done! This is such a relief as we thought she was going to lose it. He's just waiting a specialist opinion having sent the x-rays off to help decide if he will fix it or whether she'll need a specialist referral. The latter will obviously be much more costly but if she needs it, she will have it.
This little girl has spent 18 months in the vets in Cyprus because her owners (who didn't even want to say goodbye) didn't want her back if she couldn't be fixed. I just cannot get my head around it. I met her this morning at the vets and she is just the most loveable girl you could imagine.
It is nice to know from her rescuer Christina that the veterinary staff and cleaner were in tears when they saw a picture of her Sandi has sent, they are so happy she has been saved.
We'll let you know the outcome but for now she's busy being spoilt by Sandi Brewer. Welcome to the rest of your life little one.