Dogs Under Assessment


Young Bobby is the latest dog to come in to foster. He's coming up to a year old and was surrendered due to a death in his family. He'll be neutered and trained whilst in foster so we're not accepting applications for him yet.



Welcome Bentley a 2 year old boy who was surrendered after a marriage breakdown resulting in him being left alone all day. He's settling well in his foster home where he'll be neutered and assessed. We're not accepting applications for him yet.


Welcome Margot! 
Margot is a young Boston Cross from Cyprus. Seized from her ‘owner/breeder’, she spent her life in a cage outside. Luckily she was rescued by Christina and we agreed to take her to give her a chance at life. She’s currently in foster and doing amazingly well given all she’s been through. She’s still being assessed so no applications yet but her fosterer says whoever adopts her will be very lucky indeed.


Meet Nelson, who came into foster today.  This poor boy was dumped and picked up as a stray,  He wasn't claimed after 7 days so has thankfully come to us.  Estimated age 8-9 years.  He'll be thoroughly vet checked and assessed so we won't be accepting any applications yet.


Welcome Cash! Cash is a 4.5 year old boy surrendered when his owner’s change of circumstances led to him being left for long periods every day, so he put him first and surrendered him to our care. He’s in foster being assessed and neutered so no applications just yet.


Welcome Louis! This handsome lad who is almost five years old has recently been surrendered. He is now in foster where he will be assessed so please no applications yet!