Dogs Under Assessment


Meet Bowser who came in to foster yesterday. He's almost 3 years old. Sadly he has a spinal injury so he's going to the vets and will be having an MRI asap so we can determine what the problem is and the best treatment for him.


Joining us in foster today is Reggie, a 2 year old with toy possession/aggression issues. He'll be assessed whilst in foster and will see a behaviourist if needed. We're not accepting applications for him as yet.


Tommy has just come into foster, he is a 14 month old neutered boy. He has been having some behavioural issues, jumping, lunging and nipping. 
No applications yet please until we can assess him fully.



15 month old Mr Chubbs has recently come into foster as his owner was struggling to deal with his toy possession/aggression. He's already signed up to a behaviourist programme so will be undergoing continuous assessment. We're not accepting applications for him yet.


This little lad has come into foster just in time for Christmas. He's 5 month old Thor who was surrendered for valid personal reasons. We're not accepting applications for him yet as he'll be under assessment.