Dogs Under Assessment


Please welcome the gorgeous Woody who’s 10 months old. He arrived in foster today so is currently being assessed before we start taking applications in a few weeks time.


Meet Roxie & Missy, a bonded pair (mother & daughter) who have come to us after their owner's circumstances changed drastically and she could do longer look after them. They are aged 7 & 9, and will be assessed whilst in foster so we're not taking applications for them just yet. Very cute aren't they?


Please welcome this gorgeous pair. This is Lottie and Lilly who are 8 year old neutered females who seem to love everyone. They are currently being fostered in Wales. We will not be expecting application while they are being assessed.


Please welcome the very handsome Doug. He is a 2 year old neutered male who is settling well with his foster family. We will not be accepting any applications while he is being assessed.


Welcome to Jinner!  Jinner is a 3 year old girl, surrendered due to her owner's change of circumstances.  So far she seems a lovely girl; good with dogs and people.  She's in foster for now so no applications just yet.