Dogs Under Assessment


This is Betty Boo. Betty Boo is a 4 year old neutered female who is ball obsessed. She is a very loving girl who seems to love everyone but maybe not as much as her ball. Betty Boo is currently in foster being assessed so we are not taking applications at this time.


Welcome George who came into foster today.  He's a 6 year old boy who doesn't like being told what to do :)  He'll be assessed whilst in foster so we're not accepting applications for him yet.


Poor Ernie was apparently dumped as he'd become too old.  Fortunately he's now under our care, having arrived in foster.  He's a lovely well behaved 12 year old boy with a few medical issues which will need attention before we look for a retirement home for him.  How sweet is he?


Charming Charley came into rescue yesterday, following a relationship breakdown which resulted in her being left alone far too long each day.  So far she's enjoying her foster home where she has 2 playmates :)  She'll be assessed whilst in foster so we won't be accepting applications for her yet.


Welcome Chase! Chase is a 6 month old who’s come to us to learn some manners and then look for his forever home. Still under assessment so no applications just yet.


Welcome Rolo! Rolo was rescued from Romania. We know he’s not a BT but we were asked to help and we couldn’t say no. We hope you’re all happy with that. He’s got possible leg issues but for now the vet is treated with painkillers to see how he goes. He’s been suffering a long time poor lad but already seems happier, isn’t hitching his leg and is settling well in foster. No applications just yet.