Rosie  -  being assessed


Welcome Rosie. Rosie is a 10 month old Pug pup from Romania. She is tiny at 2.4kgs but is fully grown. She was born with Swimmers syndrome that was left untreated. We agreed to take her from a rescue that had so kindly given me rescue back up to Bostons I had fostered and rehomed prior to setting the rescue up. We felt it was the least we could do. Rosie is being fostered with Sandi and has been with her now for a couple of weeks. We'd held off posting about her because we have been waiting for a specialist referral. But sadly, despite her X-rays and a video of her mobilising being sent by our Vet first to one Specialist and then to Fitzpatricks, both have said nothing can be 

done for her and that it's ethically and morally wrong to consider doing so. She has severely deformed front and back limbs; both elbows and knees are completely subluxed/dislocated and the rest you can see for yourself. To say we are gutted is an understatement. However, we've spoken at length with our Vet who is sure she's not in pain and she certainly has quality of life at the moment; she loves her cuddles, food and playing with her pug friend! So we plan to get her a special cart made and see how she goes; she's spent most of her life to date confined to a crate and already is more mobile so we really don't know how things will pan out for her but we feel that as long as she has quality of life, she deserves a chance.


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