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 Pictured above is Hugo, Margo & Dobby - Dobby was fostered by Lee & Louise



Here at UKBTR we are working hard on making sure we have foster homes available for every dog that may be surrendered to us. We have a range of different personalities that come to us, so we are making sure they are all catered for. Just like humans, they're all different! Having the right foster home can ensure we give our dogs the best place to be assessed before being available to adopt.


Fostering is what we do when a dog is surrendered to us, we provide a complete breed specialist rehoming service across the UK. In our experience, Bostons prefer beds to cold kennels, so we operate via a home fostering network. This means we can provide a home-from-home environment for all the Bostons that come into our care. We use this as an assessment period for any behaivoural and/or health issues. All health issues are addressed, some dogs may require neuturing/spaying before being adopted and our fosterers look after them during this period, up until the dog is fully assessed and ready for adoption.


If you don't feel you could commit to fostering, how about offering respite or emergency fostering? Our fosterers go away sometimes (believe it or not!) or dogs come in and need emergency short-term fostering whilst we find them a longer-term placement, maybe this is something you would consider?


If you would like to apply to foster for us, then why not fill in our Foster Application Form which can be found in 'Files' on our Facebook page.


Here are some comments from our fosterers at UKBTR.




"I first applied to foster as I was interested in adopting and thought it was a good way of experiencing and getting to know the breed, whilst also helping out a great rescue. I did wonder how I would cope with letting the dogs go, and wondered if I would get too attached, as I am a softie and love dogs. However, have been fine so far, and am so glad I signed up. It is great as you get to meet the potential adopters and spend time with them, so you know your foster dogs are going to a good home. I also know that I have helped to give them a loving home whilst they wait for their new home; and it’s lovely to see a happy ending.

I have fostered 2 dogs so far. Nobby, who was 3 years old, and Ronnie, who was 1 year old. Both dogs have had different personalities but have been a pleasure to look after and given so much back. Although you do need to remember that rescue dogs are not perfect and do come with issues. Again, though, you feel you are doing something worthwhile by working on these issues and helping to try and resolve them.


My foster dogs have also helped my own Boston terrier as he was not very good with other dogs inside the home, and was quite snappy with them. Fostering has helped him greatly and he has become friends with both my foster dogs, to the point of playing with them and snuggling up with them to sleep.


So, if you have a love of dogs, or are thinking of adopting a Boston, and feel you have time to give to a rescue dog waiting for his forever home, then I would encourage you to become a fosterer for UK Boston Terrier Rescue. I won’t lie and say it is always easy but it is very rewarding and well worth it and I am looking forward to getting my next foster dog."




"George the schnauzer one of my Fosters taken into the Royal Veterinary Hospital in Liverpool to be euthanized with his mum unfortunately we were unable to save his mum as the lady insisted that she should be put to sleep and we couldn't stop her but George we saved he has been housed with rescue back up as an only dog as he was so timid they thought he should be spoiled"






"Dave found in a box behind a bin in Liverpool he couldn't get out lucky a lady heard him wimper and found him no one knows how long he's been there he was cold and wet no food or water he's in a new home and has a brother lady seds me pics all the time it's a pleasure fostering dogs you see them come in frightened not knowing what's going to happen next and when there adopters come you can see what a fantastic job you have done when a little confident and extremely happy dogs leaves you for a new life can't say I don't cry I do but it's knowing that I have helped one more pup get a forever home"






"Before joining this rescue to help I had fostered over 100 dogs over about 20 years. With UKBTR I have fostered Blousy and Beauty to name but 2. Blousy was an adorable dog - and hard to part with! I still see her occasionally and know she has the best home possible, so I'm happy for her. Beauty had spinal damage and at one point was going to be put to sleep. After a few weeks with me she went to live with a lovely family and is now having a great life. Fostering is so rewarding! Yes it can be hard to say goodbye to them but if you know they're going to a lovely 'furever' home it's worthwhile...and then you have space for another foster dog"




"I have fostered Kevin and have another UKBTR foster dog at the minute, I have fostered in the region of 700 dogs now for various rescues. I also foster Romanian dogs. Any dog in need really. Most of my foster dogs have been poundies . Its not something everyone could do and to be honest I didn't think I could but I have. Yes its hard saying goodbye not going to tell you it isn't . Tears are shed by the bucket loads but these sad tears turn to happy tears when you see pics of them in their new homes being loved and enjoying life. Fostering isn't a job if it were it would be a job where you get job satisfaction and you don't get that in many jobs . When your foster leaves for pastures new that leaves a space for another needy soul. Fosters are worth their weight in gold. Dogs can be fully assessed with daily life, something you can't do within a kennel envioyrment. Fostering saves lives. Dogs come into rescue for lots of reasons not just because they have issues. Rescues will match a suitable dog to your family life and the experience you have with dogs. I love fostering it's so rewarding, the feelings you get knowing you have helped that furbaby you just can't put into words. Some people call me mad as I am at present fostering four dogs as well as looking after my own dogs."




"We currently have a UKBTR foster dog. He has been living with us for nearly two months now. Helping him with his fears and trust issues is maybe the most hard working but the most rewarding thing to do. Seeing him grow in confidence and just so happy and smiling makes it all so worth it. I will definitely recommend anyone to foster!!"



Beth (UKBTR Founder)




"I have fostered a number of dogs, BTs and rommie dogs. Watching a dog transform from a shaking wreck that won't leave the kitchen and goes for anything that moves to a dog that gives that big sigh before relaxing in your arms; well no words can describe it. People say they wouldn't be able to give them up; seeing them go off to their new home and change the life of a family or lonely old woman for ever, well, nothing beats it."









"We've got our first foster dog living with us at the moment. We decided to foster as we lost our dog earlier in the year and don't feel we could possibly replace him at the moment. At the same time we were feeling a bit lost not having a dog around so felt fostering might work for us. Its been brilliant, such a positive experience, we are looking after a lovely little dog who hadn't had the easiest start in life and came to us with "dog aggression". She's been to a behaviourist and it turns out she's not aggressive at all, just unsocialised and unsure. She's been with us 3 months now and she has been continually improving, she still has her moments but now says hello to most other dogs she meets successfully, we are just so proud of her. She's found her forever home now and will be leaving us some time next week, I can't pretend I'm happy she's going, we will all miss her but at the same time I've always known she's not our dog and and just pleased she's found a lovely new forever home so her life can really start"




"I hadn't ever thought about fostering until this group was set up, but being a Boston mummy to my own 2 made me realise I couldn't ever imagine if something dreadful happened and I couldn't look after them that they would go to a dog shelter. I realised that most Boston owners wouldn't be giving up their beloved dogs unless there was very good reason and I can't begin to imagine how heartbreaking making that choice must be. I did have a very strong word with myself about never wanting to be a failed fosterer and so I made the choice that when I'm lucky enough to help out I must remind myself that these babies are coming to stay "with Grandma" until their new forever families are found. And it works! Yes you bond, yes you fall in love with them and yes you have to be able to say farewell when they leave ( and yes there are always tears) but the satisfaction of knowing they've been waiting for their new families in a loving environment makes it all worthwhile. I have my second foster baby with me at the moment and I love her to bits, she's "grandma's precious girl" and she knows how to win hearts that's for sure but her new forever family will be taking her to her new home soon and I'm very excited for her. I would also like to mention that I get huge support from the UKBTR team, always there if I'm unsure about anything and always happy to help so a very big thank you to them all for setting up this group xx"




"My first foster was a pug from the pug dog rescue! She was a very unlucky pug and didn't have the best start to life, I cried my eyes out when I first picked her up to see a pug in such a state, she couldn't walk on her back legs and she was skin and bone, it broke my heart to see, when I got her home she didn't like my dogs, she couldn't control her bladder/bowls! She was just a nervous wreck! We had her for 6 months and within those 6months we saw a very loving strong girl come out of her shell and grow in confidence! She loved my little girl would sit with her all the time wanting cuddles! My dogs taught her to be a dog she loved to snuggle up with my dogs! We had to put nappies on her while in the house, she became stronger and could start to walk but not for too long, we would go out on walks as normal but would carry her all the way to the park let her have a good sniff and a little run about, then carry her all the way back home! We also had to bandage her back feet to stop the skin being scuffed off when walking, when she was strong enough we started at a rehabilitation centre at my own vets once a week where we had to learn how to do massage and exercises at home to help! She wasn't quite strong enough for the under water treadmill! Most of the people we met at the park got to know her well and they all clubbed together and raised money to put towards a set of wheels, I was ever so grateful, we put the rest too and got her the wheels to help her walk! Things was looking bright for her! Not long after that she was adopted by a lovely and very understanding couple! That took her everywhere to the lakes and the coast! But sadly only 4mths been in her new home she become sick and couldn't fight it and sadly went to rainbow bridge! I was so sad as this little girl deserved the world after what she had gone though and to have come so far! But all the time she was with me and her new owner she experienced unconditional love and was at her happiest! Some would say it was a lot to take on for my first foster but I would do it all again tomorrow! So far we have fostered 3 pugs and 2 Boston's and it's something I'm going to always do I find it very rewording!"


Lee & Louise


"The main reason why we foster is the fact we can do our bit to keep Bostons in a home environment rather than kennels, we don't think our dogs Hugo or Margo would survive mentally a stint in a kennel environment.
Its also an opportunity to see what life would be like with three little nutters and I have to say it's great fun. Its definitely challenged me and Louise as a couple but it has also been a learning curve for both of us. Its also been a challenge for the dogs especially Margo who won't tolerate any rudeness from new dogs which is met usually with a a snap and growl. And with both of our fosters this was the case.. after the 8 or so days pass, you can catch Margo giving the foster a bloody good wash lol.

Our biggest challange so far was Dobby, or Harry as he is known as now, for his constant lunging! Drove us both up the wall!! One evening myself and Dobby went up to the local Co op stood outside on the street and with a few firm reminders that he was not allowed to lunge, I stood and he sat for an hour watching the customers come and go and I watched Dobby go from being super excited/nervous to being chilled, sniffing the air of the customers who came and went...considering he went from lunging at most people to almost nothing I was bursting with pride that my crazy nutty little boy had stopped lunging...I picked him up kissed him all the way home!
Dobby certainly set the bar really high in terms of difficulty, making our current foster look like a walk in the park! But I will never forget him as long as I will live. The satisfaction that I personally get from fostering is immense. Letting them go is hard too, I actually cried when Dobby went to his forever home.

It is hard but we did our bit in saving them, we are forever grateful to Beth & Sandi for allowing us to do our bit to work with the amazing people who offer their time and effort in making sure these guys are saved"


Tracy B




"I started my fostering experience with a big lump of love of a Dogue de Bordeaux. I was smitten, when his potential new owners came along I was so nervous. It ended up being a brilliant day , his new family turned out to be fantastic and he has a brilliant life. Since then I've fostered DDB, various rommie rescues and a Boston Terrier. People say oh i couldn't give them up but when you see the amazing homes they are going to it makes it all worth while. Each one puts a new paw print on your heart xxx"






"The minute we met our beautiful Boston Terrier Ziggy at 6 weeks old that's it we were hooked on the breed. Sadly, according to my more sensible better half, we can't afford more than one dog at the moment but this doesn't stop me from obsessing over all the lovely Bostons, Frenchies and Pugs I meet! On the social walks organised by some dedicated members of the UK Boston Terrier group on behalf of the UK Boston Terrier rescue we've met some awesome characters and fostering seemed to be the obvious answer to my obsession. I'm delighted to further support this fabulous charity to help so many dogs find their forever homes. Foster homes are vital in keeping these little canine characters out of a kennel situation, which can be so traumatic and confusing for them. I feel very lucky and incredibly proud to temporarily add some wonderful little dogs to my family. Using every trick in the box to gain their trust, help them to overcome problems and to really come out of their shell in the short time we're together. Fostering is a challenge but so rewarding. I have to admit that when the time comes to say goodbye and assess the dogs for rehoming my heart is heavy but I know that the next little dog in need is only round the corner. I know that the perfect family is out there for all the dogs who come through the rescue for whatever reason and I'm glad to be an important stepping stone to finding it."



We would love to welcome more fosterers to our team. So if you think you'd be able to help make a difference, especially to a dog that comes to us, please download and fill in our foster application form .

Fostering is an extremely rewarding process, if you would like to help but not sure if you could do it, drop us a line at We can help explain the process.  All expenses are covered by the rescue and you will be given full support, guidance and help, all the way.


There are also other volunteer roles available if you can't help with fostering:


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Please get in touch if you would like to help in any way.




From all of us at Team UKBTR