Finding a new home for your Boston Terrier

There are many reasons why Boston Terriers come into our care. People's circumstances change - illness, divorce, housing difficulties, changes to work hours - and this can leave them unable to look after their Boston in the way they'd hoped to.


The very fact that you're here reading this page shows that you want the best for your Boston. We can help make sure your Boston gets the best home possible and hopefully make the process as stress free for you - and your dog - as we can.


All dogs that come into our care go into a home foster environment (no kennels) so we can find out what they're like and assess the type of home that they'd be most suited to. Potential homes are vetted and home checked before rehoming and all dogs are backed by a lifetime UK Boston Terrier Rescue bounce-back policy. That means we're always here should the new home not work out for any reason - today, tomorrow, in two years' time; for the lifetime of the dog.


We can even provide you with updates on how your Boston is doing in their new home if that would help, although it's not compulsory.


For more information about how to rehome your Boston Terrier, please email us at .  If you'd prefer to talk to someone, please call us on:



 07787588531   (Sandi)



We're here to talk things through and support and help you in making your decision. PLEASE NOTE THESE NUMBERS ARE TO BE USED FOR SURRENDERING DOGS ONLY.