Every Boston has a story...



Meet Indy, our inspiration:

It all started with Indy. She's a 9 year old Boston Terrier who had been brought over from the States with her owners when they emigrated to England a few years ago.  Indy was an ex-puppy mill dog and before her owners adopted her, she'd been bounced from home to home, living part of her life outside in a back yard. Unfortunately, Indy didn't take too well to a new baby in the household and they made the very difficult decision to rehome her. Indy was taken in by Beth who, with the help of Yasimin, found her a wonderful home with Linda and Brian.  They call her their 'little bundle of joy'. Indy spends her days curled on Linda's knee and her nights in Linda's bed. Indy was Beth's first Boston rescue and the reason we're here...



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Meet Rhonda from the Rhondda:

Rhonda was looking for a new home after she'd retired from being a brood girl. She stayed with Beth until she'd been spayed and was treated for a nasty ulcerated eye that took some weeks (and expense) to treat. "Rhonda and I share a birthday, so I'm sure it was destiny that brought her to us," said Debs, Rhonda's new mummy. "She's the most adorable dog we've ever met. We waited a long time for a Boston Terrier of our own - Rhonda was definitely worth the wait!"



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Meet cutie-pie Curly (but don't touch her toys!)

Curly was adored by her owners, who made the heartbreaking but selfless decision to rehome her as she was fighting with her Boston sister who was recovering from surgery. Curly was fostered by Beth who assessed her as being toy dominant. With the help of a behaviourist, a programme was put in place to try reduce her obsession with toys. It was decided that with the right dog, Curly could be homed with another dog. A behaviour contract was drawn up with her new owners Sam and Colin, and she now lives happily with her Boston brother Stan.


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