JR Chicken and Lamb Pate  2 Pack

JR Chicken and Lamb Pate 2 Pack

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These Pates are super versatile, cube it for treats, smash it on Lickimats, Slice and freeze.

Ingredients are 100% Lamb or 100% Chicken .. thats it!

JR Lamb Pate 200g and Chicken Pate 200g

Best Before Sept 2024 or later

The Award Winning Pure Pate Slice it - Dice it - Cube it - Cut it - Stuff it - Spread it - Sprinkle it. A complete or complementary food for dogs the Paté is deliciously tasty and natural, it is not only healthy but totally irresistible too. Made from the finest cuts of 100% fresh meat…that’s it! These irresistible Paté's are also grain and gluten free. The paté is extremely versatile, use as a treat, training treat or a complete food.

You can read more about JR Pate here (https://portal.jrpetproducts.com/#/products/39)