UKBTR are re-opening!
Good news; UKBTR are re-opening!

As you know, we have still been accepting dogs in emergencies during lockdown but all adoptions were on hold. We are now beginning to resume adoptions, with special measures in place. As you can appreciate, a dog coming into rescue involves a number of contact points for our volunteers; to assess, transport and foster the dog, and homechecks of prospective adopters and fosterers. We've liaised with our volunteers to seek their thoughts on resuming the above activities and generally, most people are behind us, with obviously some people who won't be able to help for the time being, which we completely understand.
We've risk assessed and provided written guidance to all of our volunteers, and you'll also see the adoption application has also been amended; because we will have fewer volunteers, adoptions will be dependent on us being able to homecheck prospective adopters, so geography may take a part in our decisions.
You'll start to see some dogs up for adoption; obviously we will consider existing applications as well as new ones. A few of our foster dogs have been adopted by their fosterers; not something we generally allow but we felt that given the exceptional circumstances, with dogs having now been in foster for so long, it was in their best interests.