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May Update

May was an extremely busy and challenging month with lots of dogs being surrendered, no dog-free foster home spaces and the start of the holiday season. It has been incredibly difficult!
We’ve accepted 26 new adoption applications and rejected 9, bringing the total to 246. Numbers are reducing now as we delete all applications once they’re a year old, and we had a huge influx of new ones last year after lockdown.
9 dogs came into rescue last month with more due to come in. Due to the lack of foster spaces we’ve had to bring some in on a foster to adopt basis.
6 dogs were adopted last month. We have 2 in the sanctuary, 8 in foster to adopt and 1 in long term foster.
It may not sound a lot but each dog generates a lot of work. We have to speak to the owners, send out surrender form, check the microchip, arrange to have the dog assessed, find a foster or foster to adopt space to suit the dog, arrange homechecks where needed and then transport. We then have to keep in touch to ensure vet appointments are made, any problems are sorted out etc and when the time comes go through suitable applications, conduct interviews with potential adopters, arrange homechecks, meet & greets, more paperwork and so on until the dog is adopted. Even then we keep in touch to make sure all is going well. There’s only 3 of us who do the rehoming so you can imagine how busy we get. We will be looking to get more help in the future but at the moment we simply don’t have time to train anyone up.
Our expenditure for the month of May totalled £3377.74
We hope you all enjoy the Jubilee weekend with your furbabies 😊

April Update

This month we have accepted 29 new adoption applications and rejected 7, making a total of 275 live applications.
Our appeal for Foster to Adopt applications was successful, with 5 already being homechecked, paperwork signed and ready to go. All are dog, child and cat free so perfect for those dogs who can’t live with other dogs, cats or children. There are several more in the pipeline who are awaiting homechecks. Additionally, it benefits dogs with issues who can receive help and/or training within the foster home and then stay there when they’re adopted, rather than moving them on again to an adoptive home.
April saw a few dogs joining us in rescue, namely Kobe, Eartha and Coco. Coco is already available for rehoming whilst Kobe and Eartha are still under assessment.
Ollie, Shelby and Reggie went off to their forever homes. Reggie had spent time in the Sanctuary but is now in a foster to adopt home. We wish them all luck and happiness in their new homes.
Our expenses for the month totalled £1715.14
As always we are grateful to so many of you for supporting us, either financially through donations, auction items, Gusball participation etc, or through fostering, carrying out homechecks and dog assessments, helping with transport. We’re a small team here so all help is very much appreciated.
Have a lovely bank holiday weekend!

March Update

This month we accepted 20 new adoption applications and declined 6. 48 had expired and were deleted so the new total is 366 live applications.
4 dogs came into rescue, with more due in the next couple of weeks. 3 were lucky enough to be adopted into their furever homes. We still have some dogs in a foster-to-adopt basis and 3 in the sanctuary, 2 of which are now ready for rehoming. Sadly the 3rd one cannot be rehomed so will live out the rest of her days at the sanctuary.
Our total expenses for March totalled £5310.06 and although I can’t give you a figure we received a chunk of that back in donations, auction sales, Gusballs etc. We are forever grateful for all fundraising efforts, donations etc – no matter how small it all helps.
We’re very lucky to have such a great team of volunteers, be it fosterers, transporters, homecheckers etc. But we need more! If you would like to help please fill out the relevant application form which you can find in the files section in this group and on our website. We can never have too much help.
At the moment we are only taking on dog-free fosterers but we welcome applications for homechecking, assessing dogs, helping with transport etc as well.


February Update

February saw 31 new adoption applications submitted, bringing the total number of live applications to 394. 58 were deleted this month as they were a year old. We also received 16 applications where people are willing to take a dog on a Foster to Adopt basis which is good news for the dogs who need this.
We welcomed Lola and El Conte in to foster, whilst 2 dogs were adopted, one a confidential surrender and the other who was under Foster to Adopt.
We have 3 dogs in the BSAS sanctuary currently, who are now available for rehoming. These dogs will need a special, dedicated home – details will be announced soon.
Our expenses for February totalled £2511.84 – this includes sanctuary fees, vet bills, transport costs etc.

January 2022 Update

January 2022 update:
First of all Happy New year to you all!
We’ve hit the ground running again this month after taking a much needed break over Christmas and New Year. We’ve accepted 50 new adoption applications this month and rejected 14, making a total of 455 live applications. This number will greatly reduce over the next 2-3 months. During lockdown we weren’t accepting new applications so when we did start again a year ago we were inundated with new ones. We can only keep them for a year so over the next few months a lot will be deleted.
We’ve had 3 dogs surrendered this month and 2 were lucky enough to find their new forever homes. People often ask what dogs we have coming in but we can never tell. It can literally change on a daily basis. We do keep our Facebook page and website up to date so keep checking 😊
We welcomed 2 new dog-free fosterers this month but could still do with more so if this is something you would consider please submit a foster application form, available in the files section on here and on our website.
Our expenses for January totalled a whopping £5881.02. Many thanks to all who help to keep our coffers healthy, be it donating items for auction, buying items, regular monthly donations, fundraisers, Gus’ balls and teddies etc. No matter how small it’s greatly appreciated.
On the subject of money all our adoption fees are increasing as of tomorrow. With the rising costs of vet fees, transport costs and general running costs we have no option but to increase all fees by £100.

Happy New Year and Fees

UKBTR just want to update everyone that reluctantly, we have taken the decision to raise out adoption fees by £100. We hate doing this but we've seen our costs, in particular vet bills, continue to rise and whilst we still have money in the bank we've seen this depleted by 25% over the last year or so.
Adoption fees only cover a fraction of our costs and we rely heavily on fundraising and donations (so a massive thank you to those who continue to support us financially) but we never want to get to the position of not being able to help a dog. And unlike many other rescues, we cover pre-existing issues that any of our dogs come in with that won’t be covered by insurance, for new adoptive owners who would struggle to cover themselves. I'm not sure even the big well known rescues do that!
The increase will apply from February 1st and wont include any dogs already in the process of being adopted or those that are currently up for adoption. We will continue to use discretion on adoption fees for those dogs with complex needs.
Thank you.

Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas!
All of us here at UKBTR would like to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and all the best for 2022.
A special thank you to all our supporters, fosterers, homecheckers, transporters, dog assessors, behaviourists and fundraisers. We’re so grateful for your support and couldn’t manage without it!
We hope you, your families and your furbabies have a wonderful Christmas.
Best wishes from Trustees Beth, Sandi, Moira, Anne and Simon.

November Update

November has been another busy month!
We’ve accepted 43 new adoption applications and rejected 21, making a total of 443 live applications.
We welcomed 3 new dog-free fosterers Kate, Christine and Judit.
6 dogs were surrendered – Frodo, Shelby, Kipper, Ronnie, Poppet and Star
Jackson and Ren were adopted plus one confidential rehome.
We currently have 2 dogs available for adoption, Kipper and Star, plus 8 dogs under assessment.
Anne organised the virtual market which was a great success. She’s also been busy with calendar and Christmas card orders.
A special thank you must go to the following people who do so much to raise funds for us: Dawn Sambrook, Tiina Ollanketo, Cath Lumley & Gusdog the Boston and of course Anne who does so much behind the scenes helping to raise funds.
November was an expensive month, with our expenses totalling a whopping £5529.47.
Can we take this opportunity to ask again that you don’t send private messages to Trustees/Admin, regarding dogs available etc. We’re all very busy so really don’t have time to check and reply. We can be contacted via the ‘Contact us’ facility on our website or by emailing
We will be giving ourselves a well earned break and shutting down for all but emergencies over Christmas. Dates to be confirmed.


October Update

October has been quite a busy month with one thing and another.
We accepted 20 new adoption applications, rejected 1 and now have a total of 425 live applications. We also welcomed 3 new fosterers.
3 dogs came into foster – Hendrix, Shelby and Alfie and we have a few more coming in very soon.
Mavis & Lottie were adopted, and Jackson & Ren are reserved so all being well they’ll be off to their furever homes soon.
Anne has been very busy this month. As well as running the auction and rehoming dogs she’s also set up the Christmas virtual market and organised both the calendars and Christmas cards. All that and working full time too! We’ll have to buy her a Superwoman cape for Christmas 😃
We launched an appeal for dog-free foster homes but sadly haven’t had a good response. We desperately need them as so many dogs need to come into rescue but be the only dog for one reason or another. What’s particularly sad is that we have 227 dog-free applicants waiting to adopt, of which 83 are dog/child/cat free. If only they would foster whilst waiting to adopt!
The rescue celebrated it’s 7th birthday on 5th October. Many people were kind enough to send us a donation as a birthday present – thank you.
Our expenses for October totalled £3026.59 so all donations, no matter how small, are very much appreciated.
Wishing you all a Happy Halloween 😊

We Need Foster Homes

We need DOG-FREE foster homes in all areas of mainland UK!
Many of the dogs who come into rescue need to be the only dog in the home. This could be because of dog aggression or perhaps they have a behavioural issue which is easier to deal with as an only dog.
We are lucky enough to have a team of qualified behaviourists who offer free telephone support and where necessary we pay for a behaviourist to work on a one to one basis with the dog. We offer lots of support to our fosterers.
Fostering these dogs is extra rewarding when you see them flourish and either their issues are dealt with or we’ve learnt how to manage them. To see them happily going off to their adoptive home knowing you’ve enabled that to happen is a wonderful feeling.
Sometimes it’s in the dog’s best interests to not be moved on again, in which case the fosterer has first refusal to adopt the dog.
So if you’re dog-free and either waiting to adopt or you’d just like to foster please submit an application form, available in the files section on our Facebook page or on our website.
Please share this as you may have friends or family members who would consider fostering.
Any questions please contact us.
Many thanks 😊


September Update

September has been a quieter month thankfully. We accepted 33 new adoption applications and rejected 4, making a total of 422 live applications.
We welcomed 2 new dog-free fosterers, who I’m sure will have a 4 legged friend staying with them before long as we have 4 dogs needing to come in very soon.
We held our AGM via Zoom on 15th September – minutes will be available to all soon.
A request for photos for our 2022 calendar went out. These can be ordered now – please see the post for details.
Two Boston meets were held, one in Hastings and one in Pembrey, raising £40 and £160 respectively – thank you to all involved.
Our expenses for September totalled £4585.38
We need more dog/child/cat free foster homes so if you, or anyone you know, would like to apply the application form can be found  on our website.
We’re always keen to have more volunteers for carrying out home checks, dog assessments and to help with transport. Relevant application forms as above.


August Update

August was a busy month! We accepted 48 new adoption applications and rejected 11, making a total of 451 live applications.
We also welcomed 2 new dog-free fosterers, Gary Martin and Stanley Bird.
4 dogs were rehomed, and 4 were surrendered. Lulu aged almost 13 was brought in as a long term foster but sadly passed away 3 weeks later. Henrik bounced in and behaved in his foster home so is now up for adoption. Lottie was another surrender who has now been reserved, and Ren & Nala joined us and are currently under assessment.
Dulcie had been in a foster to adopt home but sadly due to aggression issues had to return to the sanctuary for Joy to work her magic. Jimmy continues to have health problems which we and the vets are working on to resolve. Many thanks to all of you who answered Beth’s appeal for funds to go towards Jimmy’s vet bills.
Anne has been rummaging down her sofa cushions and found a whole lot of merchandise which she is selling to raise more funds for Jimmy. We’ve also been selling some UKBTR fleeces on the auction page, all proceeds of which go towards our expenses.
Our bank has also had a busy month, with our expenses totalling £6591.86
That’s all for this month. Thanks again to all of you for supporting us and the Bostons who need our help – it’s very much appreciated

July Update

July update:
Lat month we received 29 new adoption applications and rejected 6. We now have a total of 461 live applications. The total fluctuates because each month we delete any applications received a year previously.
Only one dog came into us in July – Gus, who is settling into foster very nicely and being assessed continually.
Ronnie, who has been in the sanctuary, is now ready for his forever home and will be going there soon, Bruno who was in a foster-to-adopt home has now been adopted, Donnie & Dougie are reserved but unfortunately Donnie has some health issues which have delayed them going to their new home and Dulcie who was in a foster-to-adopt home has had to return to the sanctuary due to aggression.
We have more dogs due to come in soon.
Our expenses last month totalled £6358.92

June Update

Flaming June has been a busy one for us, with 31 new adoption applications, 8 rejected, making a total of 467 active applications.
We brought in 4 dogs – 2 were confidential surrenders.
3 dogs went to (hopefully) their forever homes on a foster to adopt basis.
Our expenses for June totalled a whopping £7322.50!
We had a situation which I’ll share so you can see the sort of issues we have to deal with:
On May 10th a surrender form was sent to an owner whose dog was fighting with another resident dog. No reply to the email, no contact at all until Friday 18th June when messages were sent to me basically expecting me to drop everything to go and collect the dog NOW . We were told the dog couldn’t be with other dogs, was 9 years old and was a family pet. Throughout the next week myself and Hayley our transport co-ordinator spent a lot of time sorting out a foster home and transport, being hassled constantly by the owner to hurry things along. Believing it was genuine we put in a lot of effort to get the dog in quickly. Within a week everything was arranged, but then the owner refused to let us collect the dog from her address and refused to send anything with the dog – no bed, toys, food or even a collar/harness and lead. After arguments, lies and demands from the owner we realised all was not right with this surrender and gave an ultimatum – either she allowed us to collect and transport the dog safely or she’d have to make her own arrangements.
Lo and behold within an hour the dog was advertised for sale online for £600, she was suddenly only 7 years old and apparently got along fine with all other dogs! The owner was a breeder (explains why she wouldn’t let us collect from her house) who has told so many lies it’s difficult to know what’s true and what isn’t.
I was then told that we weren’t a proper rescue anyway, she’d had a gut feeling all along, and we would have made a lot of money on her dog (which we wouldn’t). What a waste of time for myself, Hayley and the fosterer.

May Update

We’ve had rather a busy month!
We’ve accepted 53 new adoption applications, making a total of 445. Again I ask you to let us know if you’ve now got a dog or for any other reason don’t want to be kept on our list. 10 applications were rejected this month.
We took in 7 dogs, details of which will be posted as and when they become available for rehoming. Sometimes we have confidential surrenders so can’t post details on the group page or website, but we still go through the same process of going through suitable applications.
Great news for Huey, who was in a foster-to adopt home, and has now been formally adopted. Little Dulcie has now gone into a foster-to-adopt home so fingers crossed it works out for her. Charlie, who had to be moved from his long term foster home, has now been adopted by his new fosterer.
We’re often asked why we don’t allow fosterers to adopt their first foster dog. We have this policy because too many people apply to foster thinking it’s a shortcut to adopting a dog. It isn’t, and it wouldn’t be fair on all the applicants who have been waiting a long time to adopt. However, in some cases we place dogs on a foster to adopt basis. This is where we contact applicants from our list and ask them if they’d like to foster with a view to adopting . Mostly this is done for dogs with behavioural issues, so that a behaviourist can work with them on a one to one basis, then they can adopt the dog knowing how to manage the behaviour. Another reason is if a dog has been moved around a lot from home to home. We don’t want to move them on again from foster home to adopted home so they will also go on a foster to adopt basis.
I posted an appeal for dog/child/cat free foster homes. Sadly we didn’t get as much of a response as we’d hoped for but we’re very grateful to those who did sign up and we welcome them aboard.
May was an expensive month, with our outgoings totalling £4396.12. Thankfully we have amazing supporters who donate regularly, raise money through Amazon Smile and/or Easyfundraising, donate items to auction, buy auction items etc. We appreciate every bit of help, no matter how small – it all adds up!
Anne is organising a raffle to win a lovely handbag which was kindly donated to us. Please buy a ticket – once they’re all sold the raffle can take place and you might just be the lucky winner!
We hope you and your furbabies are enjoying the bank holiday weekend and weather. Have fun and stay safe!

April Update

We’ve had a busy month, with 89 new adoption applications making a total of 441, with 15 being rejected. If you have submitted an application but no longer want to adopt for whatever reason please comment below so I can remove you from the files. With so many applications and not many dogs coming in everyone will have a long wait or not be successful at all.
Floyd came into rescue at the beginning of the month under sad circumstances but had a happy ending this week when his fosterer adopted him. Good luck in your furever home Floyd!
India was put up for adoption. There’s a lot of interest in her so Moira is busy going through suitable applications to find the best possible home for her.
Willow is still under assessment but will be up for adoption soon.
Charlie unfortunately had to be moved from his long term foster home due to the fosterer’s ill health, but he is now happily sorted and enjoying his new life.
We still have Reggie and Ronnie (The Kray twins!) in the sanctuary. We’ll be getting another update on them next week so I’ll share it in the group.
Anne offered the chance to buy a fabulous UKBTR tote bag. If you haven’t ordered one already what are you waiting for? 😃
We’ve had some lovely items donated on our auction page – thank you to those who donate items and those who buy them. Pop along and have a look -
Many of you have set up regular donations, for which we are very thankful. Every donation helps, no matter how small. Without the support of members making donations, raising funds, taking part in Gusdog’s ball lottos, buying merchandise, the auction etc we wouldn’t be able to keep going, so thank you all.
On that note our expenses totalled £2680.94 this month
Have a lovely bank holiday weekend! 😊

March Update

During the month of March we accepted 79 adoption applications and rejected 15, bringing the total of live applications to 355.
Dogs surrendered include 3 males (confidential surrenders) and India who you’ll have seen already. All are in foster being assessed and having health issues treated.
One dog was rehomed during March. Rubi has settled in very well to her forever home and is being thoroughly loved and spoilt.
We currently have one dog in the sanctuary. Ronnie is learning how to behave nicely and is doing very well. We have another dog coming in who will be joining him soon – Reggie. The Kray twins!
Anne has sourced some lovely UKBTR tote bags which will be available to buy soon. Look out for them – they’re lovely!
Sadly one of our adopted dogs passed away recently. Little Squiggle wasn’t with her forever parents very long but she was much loved and very well looked after in that time. RIP Squiggle.
Our total expenses last month were £3140.99

Applications reopened

You’ll be pleased to hear we are now accepting new adoption applications again.
We still don’t have many dogs coming in so if you submit an application be prepared for a long wait, and be aware that you might not be successful – there just aren’t enough dogs for everyone.
We’re expecting to be flooded with new applications so don’t worry if you don’t hear back from us straight away. We do always reply with an email, either saying your application has been successful or explaining that we can’t accept it and why. So check your junk/spam folder. If you haven’t heard back from us after a week get in touch again.
Application forms can be found in the files section on this page, and will shortly be back on our website.
Thank you for your patience 😊
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Latest AGM Meeting

Minutes from our latest AGM meeting