Our Ethos

  • We are a registered charity, (no.1163435) run entirely by volunteers, that rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes Boston Terriers and Boston Terrier crosses. 
  • We do not turn away other flat faced breeds such as Pugs and French Bulldogs but will, if appropriate, initiate contact with their breed specific rescues.
  • We aim to raise awareness on the proper care of Boston Terriers and the treatment of various health issues they can suffer from.
  • We also provide support, help and advice to Boston Terrier owners.
  • We care for all dogs in foster homes; kennels would only be used as a very short term emergency option (i.e. overnight at the most.) 
  • We worm, vaccinate, microchip and neuter all dogs before rehoming or if too young to be neutered, our dogs are homed with a neuter contract (followed up until proof of neuter obtained).
  • We fully assess all dogs whilst in foster to ensure they are matched with the right home and family.
  • We only accept adoptive homes where all resident dogs are neutered.
  • We provide a life time rescue back up service, our adoption contracts state the dog MUST be returned to our rescue if the owners, for any reason, are no longer able to keep the dog.
  • We homecheck (and follow-up as necessary) all potential adoption homes.
  • We use dog behaviourists (practicing positive training methods) to assess and train dogs in our care displaying behavioural issues, to maximise the success of our rehoming service.
  • We will never euthanise a healthy dog.
  • We take in dogs from breeders, owner surrenders and on-line pet sites, but do not pay for the dogs advertised for sale.
  • We provide Public Liability insurance for our fosterers, homecheckers and transporters.
  • We have a committee, with a Treasurer and all charitable activity is audited annually.


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