UKBTR Rescue Dog of the Month for June


We welcomed Franck into our family in April last year and haven't looked back. He has enriched our lives so much. He was very nervous to start with but now he runs the home and the family and life revolves around him. He has two big human brothers who both love him dearly and we don't get a look in when they're around! he's an absolute ball fanatic and has cost us money replacing footballs in the park that he's reached before the owners can retrieve them! He loves the car and cries most of the time like an overexcited child who can't wait to get to the destination. He's been on holiday with us to France and Cornwall and had lots of days out. We'll be taking him again next month. More than one vet has commented he is in excellent condition and everyone he meets loves him. He patrols the courtyard outside our house looking for cats just to let them know it's his territory now!

UKBTR Supporter's Dog of the Month for June

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Poppy is now 8 months old. A very intelligent and curious dog. but also very mischievous. All the Boston traits, but she also loves to climb, with no fear of heights. She is somewhat OCD, letting everyone know if a box or watering can has been left in the wrong place. Her hobbies are soccer and moving ornaments around the garden. Logo

Every Boston deserves the best...

We love Boston Terriers! They're a cute, comical, caring breed who, when matched with the right owner, will provide many happy years of companionship.


We know there are lots of people like us, who love and care for their Bostons - and believe us, we'd much prefer it if we didn't even exist - but alas, there are Boston Terriers up and down the UK who are not being treated as they should be; beautiful, bouncy Bostons without a comfy bed at night, or a human to give them the best of everything...


There are also people who, for many reasons, are no longer able to keep their Boston Terrier and because of their love for their pet want to ensure they go to a home that has been fully checked and will have lifelong back-up.


We are a registered charity (number: 1163435) and are recognised by the Kennel Club as a breed specific rescue.


We attended Crufts 2016 under 'Find a rescue' - What an amazing achievement, and it was so lovely to meet and greet so many people. Thank you to everyone who visited us on the stand and everyone who donated.


From left to right: Sue Birch with Ollie, Yasimin Djemal with Boston, Valerie Pellowe with Frank and Beth Bartlett with Nessa. 


Frank - Came into the Rescue just before Crufts, strutting the purple carpet, and now living the life of Riley in his new home.

 Boston showing off his UKBTR Bandana.

Yoko - Previously known as Millie (Re-homed in 2015!)


We provide a complete breed specialist rehoming service across the UK. In our experience, Bostons prefer beds to cold kennels, so we operate via a home fostering network. This means we can provide a home-from-home environment for all the Bostons that come into our care, whilst they are assessed, vet checked and matched with a new family.


Find us on Facebook here: Uk Boston Terrier Rescue - Main Facebook group with updates and photos.


Take a look at our auction page on Facebook: Uk Boston Terrier Rescue Auction - Head over to help raise much needed funds while getting a little something for yourself!


If you'd like to help UKBTR, we would like to hear from you! We are currently looking for more fosterers, particulary dog and child free homes.


We would love to welcome more fosterers and transporters to our team, so if you think you'd be able to help make a difference, especially to a dog that comes to us, please fill in our FOSTER APPLICATION FORM , or our TRANSPORTER APPLICATION FORMThese can also be found under 'Files' on our Facebook page.  


Fostering is an extremely rewarding process, if you would like to help but not sure if you could do it, drop us a line at We can help explain the process.