A UKBTR Tribute

Tonight we would like to pay a special tribute to a fellow Boston lover, who sadly passed away earlier this year.
Keith was a well known DJ and went by the name of Cosmic Keith. He was dad and best friend to his beloved Stan and they went everywhere together for many years and both brought much joy and love to each other. When Stan passed away Keith was devastated.
His sister, Rebecca, told us the following message from a close friend of his gives a flavour of who Keith was:
"In scenes and subcultures, friends are like family, with all its flawed glory. And Cosmic Keith was one of our bright shining stars of a cousin. Cosmic was a true maverick. I think we will hear that said a lot. He knew what he loved in life and he indulged that with passion and conviction. His ear for the music is legendary, and will always be so. That kind of authority that is just accepted because it’s so good you look for guidance without hesitation. And I really admire that. And yeah, that comes with a certain amount of swagger. It just does. And Cosmic was the full package. His record and club brands, and t-shirt brand. So much potential to grow, now tragically halted."
Rebecca has made a wonderful donation to the rescue in Keith's memory. We are so very grateful.
We hope Keith is at peace and back with his beloved Stan the Man. Rest in peace ❤