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Daisy May


Daisy May is approx 10 years old. Please apply via RSPCA

Daisy May came in on the 23rd of March via an Inspector. Her previous owner could no longer give her the care she needed.


Daisy May is a sweet, friendly girl who enjoys fuss and attention and walks well on the lead. She would enjoy a garden to potter in and likes her walks but does not always want to venture too far!


Daisy May arrived with very sore ears that had not been treated for a long time. She may always need ear drops for them from our vets. Anyone wishing to adopt her will need to be prepared to continue this.



Marlo is approx 1 year old. Please apply via RSPCA

My personality

  • I need training how to sit nicely (and then I can master the rest)
  • I'd prefer an adult only household
  • I can be left alone for short periods
  • I'd prefer to be the only dog in a home
  • I'd prefer to be the only animal in a home
  • I'm quiet but full of love
  • I love fuss and attention


Mitzi is approx 2 years old. Please apply via RSPCA

My personality

  • I know how to sit (and lots of other commands too!)
  • I'd prefer an adult only household
  • I can be left alone for short periods
  • I'd prefer to be the only dog in a home
  • I'd prefer to be the only animal in a home
  • I'm small but full of fun
  • I love fuss and attention


Munchkin is a female Boston Terrier

Date of birth 26/06/2016

Foster in Feltham

Munchkin came back into our care after her owner sadly passed away. She is a very sweet, loving girl.

Munchkin is completely clean in her foster home, however we can't guarantee this.

When she arrived back with us she started to have seizures. She is now completely seizure free on Epityl daily.

Munchkin loves her walks.

She is looking for a home as an only dog.

No cats

Older sensible children

To apply, there are no forms, simply message our Facebook page or email with full details of why you are the best home for Munchkin and how you match her full criteria 


 RSPCA Preston 



Boston Terrier

1 year approx.

Brown and White


Beans is our charismatic and fun loving 1-year-old goofball.. he definitely lives up to his name!!

He arrived in our care from a multi-dog household, he's now on the lookout for a dog free home to call his own, where he can get all the attention he so rightfully deserves!!

Beans is a full of life kind of guy and is always on the go. He's just so happy to see and spend time with you that he simply can't keep all his toe beans on the floor!! He is working on his manners and basic training after missing out on that essential socialisation as a pup.

As he can get so excited when around people, he is working on staying calm when getting harnessed up etc. this will need to be continued in the home. He is also working on his toilet training, this again will need to be continued post adoption.

Everyone that has met this little guy has simply fallen in love with him!! He loves spending time with people and after his initial crazy zoomies, he adores nothing more than curling up on your lap for a good snooze.

Beans loves getting strokes and fuss and often rolls over on to his back wriggling around!! When he is over excited, he can mouth a little- this is very manageable and he is easily redirected onto a toy.

He is very enthusiastic around food and can eat quickly if not provided with slow feeders or kong enrichment. It's important he has small dog sized biscuits and treats as he is such a little guy.

Beans loves playing with toys such as soft squeakers, rope toys etc. and this is a great way to build a bond with him and get some of that energy out too!!

This lovely little lad can be rehomed with any dog-savvy children of primary school age who can understand they may need to be calm around him in some of his crazier moments!!

After being in a home surrounded by other dogs, Beans has shown he's much prefer a home to call his own. He can walk past dogs with no issue, but can be a little grumpy when they're up close.

There are to be no cats at the property, he may be able to be rehomed with small furries or exotics dependent on accommodation location and security in the home.

If you think you can provide this ever so sweet chap with the fun loving home he deserves so much, then please email to request an application form.


Midlands Cleft Rescue



ADOPTION POST Please read the image for details on little Elfie, I had the pleasure of transporting this girlie and having her for a sleepover,she's just so precious Head over to Midlands Cleft Rescue to fill in an adoption form if you have an Elfie sized hole in your heart to fill💗 At 6 months old she's a petite 3kg and has an old injury to her eye that was left untreated so unfortunately has no sight to this eye but it doesn't bother her one bit


 Northumberland Dog Rescue

Name: Arlo
Age (approx): 3
Breed: Boston terrier
Disposition: anxious
Loves: his person
Dislikes/wary of: new places , experiences and tends to redirect into his lead when stressed though this has massively decreased
Dog friendly: he is nervous of other dogs and so will sometimes react
Cat friendly: unknown
On lead behaviour: his loose lead walking has improved hugely .
Previous bite history: not that we know of
Fully house trained:
Prey drive: no
Breed experienced owners: preferred not essential
Only dog in the home: yes
Children in the home: no
Rural/Urban: preferably rural
Someone at home for company: yes
General background: Arlo’s dog reactivity was quite bad initially and he would go straight to hanging on his lead we have worked on this a lot and he has improved in leaps and bounds . His new owner would need to continue with this work and would have to complete a walk with Anna who has worked with Arlo a lot . He is very loving once he trusts you and is a great little dog who just needs a confident owner he can trust in to take the lead . Arlo is very food driven which makes training much easier.
We wouldn’t rehome Arlo with children due to him needing a calm relaxed home .
Please read the specific requirements, we assess and treat every dog as an individual, and include as much information as we can in each post and won't be able to respond to questions on here due to caring for the dogs in our care.
If you are interested please email us
- Residence location (we rehome to the area between Newcastle and Berwick)
plus anything else you feel is relevant to:
Homecheck will apply, and adoption fees will be discussed at that time.
Thank you


Ravenswood Pet Rescue



Sex: Female

Age: 3

Colour: Red Merle and Lilac


Breed: Boston Terrier X Boston Terrier


Seems ok with dogs: Yes

Seems ok with cats: Unknown

Background: This is the ADORABLE Beamer. Beamer is a 3 year old female Boston Terrier. Beamer is a sweet natured loving little girl. She is good with other dogs, she travels well in the car, and she loves a cuddle. Beamer is spayed, chipped and fully vaccinated and is already for her new home. Can you offer this very sweet girl her forever home ?

Special Requirements: None 



This little lady is still in foster care and unfortunately still needs a home. Monica is being fostered in Ipswich, Uk with 2 other doggies for now as soon we will need to transfer her.
Our girl whos now around 2 months in foster care, has made new friends. She has a new life with her foster siblings and has fully settled down. Shes back to being cheeky, alive and doing generally whats youngsters do. Monica is a young frenchie cross that is sociable, cheerful and of cource lively. Shes small to medium size doggy who of course loves humans. She is fine with dogs and back here she was ok with our cats but dont forget that our cats are used to dogs.
Whats her story? Monica has changed so far 3 places. She was sold as a pure pitbul to a young boy who wanted to show off to his friends and had no idea of breeds and dogs. Shes obviously not a pittie but the young boy didnt know that. Soon Monica was given to us as the owner didnt time for her. Then she was adopted by another young couple who gave all the right answers and passed the homecheck. The couple broke up and left the island without telling us about it. Unfortunately Monica was left behind and we found out about it when the owner had to pay the kennels she was into and didnt want to. When she came to us, she was wreck as they left her for 4 months in kennels and had a very low confidence. Being abandoned twice and then living in a shelter broke her and seeing her so disappointed broke us as well. Dogs have feelings as well and if someone questions that, then they have no idea about animals.
Monicas smile is back to her little face now that shes in foster care. Shes going long walks that she loves. Shes a young active doggy so of course she lives run up and down. She is a very sweet dog and while she was here, she was a quiet and sociable dog. She can be stubborn cause of her breed but generally shes fine and shes easy going. She is lead trained, house trained, fully vaccinated and spayed.
Message us if you want to give our girl a home. Shes small to medium size, around 11-13 kilos and shes a around a year old, a young puppy. The dog she sleeps next to in the last photo is a beagle cross and shes small size so you can realise Monicas actual size. We know that she doesnt look much like a frenchie in the photos but dont forget that she is a crossbreed. Her size, her behaviour, her ears show us the frenchie part of her. Not thay it matters to us cause all dogs are amazing, but there are people that asked us if shes a staffy so we want to clarify that.
Our girl is being fostered in Ipswich, Uk with 2 other doggies for now as soon we will need to transfer her. If you 're close and want to meet her, trust us you will love her. Especially if you 're an active person and deal with sports. As always adoption fee and homecheck will appl