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Eric is a two year old Boston Terrier and a little pocket rocket! Eric needs a patient and dog savvy home, that is going to accept him along with his quirky ways and help with his training. Eric has settled well into our routine and loves everyone, he has mostly mixed well with other dogs but is sometimes a little over the top and we feel although we would not rule out a home with another dog, a home as an only dog would probably suit him best. Eric is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped and will come with a Burns Pet Nutrition adoption pack plus 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance.


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This adorable 1 year old girl is looking for a home through PDWRA. She’s a Pug/Boston cross, and has the energy levels of a Boston so they’re struggling to rehome her with Pug lovers. She would love to live with someone who runs and would take her along 😊
Meet Molly, a 1 year old 'Panda' pug, who has been in foster with me for 5 weeks. she came into the care of the PDWRA as she was living in a hallway having had pups. As a result, Molly has had no exposure to the outside world and is very reactive, barking and chasing anything that moves. However she is loving, affectionate and very mischievous making us laugh every day. She is also incredibly energetic! Molly needs a dog experienced home, that can provide the large amount of exercise she needs and can work on her socialisation. In return, Molly will give you so much love and joy. If you think you can give Molly the appropriate home that she deserves, please contact me, Helen McKee by message, or email me at

Tilly and Missy


Tilly Missy

AGE: 7months & 2years

BREED: Boston Terriers

SEX: Females

IDEAL HOME: A home with knowledge of the breed and of their condition.

LIVING WITH CHILDREN: We could live with children 8yrs+

LIVING WITH DOGS: We would prefer to be the only pets in the house.

LIVING WITH CATS: I prefer not to live with cats

Tilly and Missy are absolutely adorable girls who came to the centre as they were ot getting along with the other dogs in the home.

These beautiful girls love spending time together, particularly wrestling and playing with their favourite toys.

They both walk well but can be reactive to other dogs.

Both Tilly and Missy have Crepitus in their back legs so their exercise need to be carefully managed to avoid them being in pain or discomfort. Although this is not completely debilitating and they do enjoy their walks very much, it is important for it to be monitored. The potential new owner of Tilly and Missy would need to understand they will need check ups at the vets more regularly than most dogs. They have painkillers daily for their Crepitus.

Tilly and Missy are amazing dogs who are absolute pleasures to be around. They are such lovely little bundles of fun and will make incredible companions for the new owner.

Interested in adopting Tilly and Missy? Call 01642 488108 or contact us.

Cinnabon- Reserved


🏠 I live at the Pupcakes shelter in BOSTON- Lincolnshire U.K.
🧬Lilac & White - Boston Terrier
🚺 4 years old
💉 Cinnabon is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.
She will be Flea and worm treated and leave with a lead, collar and harness.
Please follow the link to see how new guidelines affect our rehoming process-
Cinnabon is a retired breeding girl who was no longer suitable for breeding due to becoming unhappy with the other bitches and was also found to be carrying a genetic condition common in Boston terriers.
Cinnabon has no behavioural issues.
Cinnabon has no bite history.
Cinnabon is an absolute sponge for love. She adores people and wants nothing more than to have people loving on her. She settles well in her foster home; sleeps nicely overnight in a crate or the kitchen and is generally a very nice little houseguest. She appears housebroken and is non destructive in the home, she is not overly vocal either.
90% of the time she gets on really well with the resident dogs in foster however has had some altercations with the smaller dogs causing them to have some injuries to their ears.. one requiring medical treatment. It’s a shame as her foster mum would have 100% kept her if this hadn’t happened. We do think this gorgeous girl just wants all the love to herself and we can’t blame her. She doesn’t mind sharing love with cats though. Whoever adopts her will be very lucky. ❤️
Cinnabon is not high energy but is lively with bursts of energy so does need a minimum of one hour of exercise each day, despite her small size. Several short walks throughout the day is recommended.
Cinnabon is a delightful, welcoming little dog that is a beautiful example of the breeds easy going nature. She has shown no issues or reluctance to welcome new people into her home or outside on walks.
Cinnabon is not outwardly dog aggressive or reactive on the lead. She likes to play with dogs and enjoys their company on her terms. We think her lack of early crucial socialisation and the fact that she did not have the best start has caused her to be a bit bratty about her stuff. She can guard with food items against dogs and also things she deems hers and has caused some injuries to the smaller dogs in foster. Because of this we feel she would be best suited to a dog free home.
Cinnabon is good with dog savvy cats.
Cinnabon is happy to be handled all over, she accepts interaction and fuss incredibly well. She has no issues regarding who offers her affection as long as someone is doting on her.
Cinnabon has no issues regarding food and is happy to take treats, be hand fed and allow movement around her when eating without showing any guarding behaviour towards people.
Cinnabon shows no negative behaviour regarding toys and is happy to interact with people handling her toys.
Cinnabon has shown no reluctance to being left at home alone and settles quickly. She is non-destructive and getting there with her house breaking but applicants will have to be mindful that early settling in accidents can happen until a dog understands their new routine.
Due to Cinnabon not living with children in her foster home we feel children, resident and visiting should be limited to over 7years as to not overwhelm her.
Cinnabon has Canine epileptoid cramping syndrome (CECS), previously known as Spike's Disease, is a hereditary disease found in Border Terriers. This can cause her to have mild seizures/muscle tremors when she is over excited or over aroused. She has had 3 seizures in her lifetime according to her previous home; 1 has been in our care (on entry). She was incredibly overweight when she came to us which we do feel has a lot of contributing factors. Our vets have advised Gluten free diet is an effective treatment for CECS at this stage and she does not require anything further. We currently have her on a raw diet which she is doing well with.
Cinnabon has no issues with being handled or examined by veterinary professionals and showed no aggression.
Cinnabon is incredibly well behaved in the car and will settle quickly for journeys.
Cinnabon has a low maintenance smooth coat.
She tolerates bathing and brushing well.
•Cinnabon will need a home that has put in the research behind the breed and their needs (we do not advise applicants apply purely for the novelty or aesthetics of the breed as they require a lot of care and management). Alternatively experience of caring or owning for a brachial breed will be preferable.
•A home with children over 7 years of age.
This includes visiting and resident children to the property INCL. grandchildren, nieces/nephews, friend’s children.
💻To apply for Cinnabon please fill in all of the questions and submit an application on the following link.
Before you apply, please make sure that you have read our process and new guidelines for Covid-19 by the link at the top of the page. If you are not comfortable to travel and conduct a meet with necessary PPE at this time, please do not submit an application.
To limit travel and unnecessary exposure we ask that applicants be very sure of their commitment to the dog that they are applying for as we cannot accomodate multiple appointments to meet them so that we can adhere to Covid-19 restrictions to keep everyone as safe as possible. We do expect all applicants to meet and collect the dog within the same meeting if it is the partnership we all hope for.
🌟Pupcakes offer all adopters 4 weeks free insurance with “Petplan” and a complimentary voucher for a mixer box of FREE Premium pet food from “Nutriment Raw.”
❗️We require an APPLICATION and HOMECHECK BEFORE we can arrange for applicants to meet Cinnabon on an APPOINTMENT ONLY basis.
❗️Due to large volumes of correspondence we may not be able to reply to every enquiry or applicant.
❗️We cannot accommodate general visits to meet all of the dogs or a specific dog before going through the adoption process.
❗️If your application is not selected we will not be in touch or reply. Sorry.
❗Minimum adoption donation applied-
🐾 £270- (dogs over 2 years old)
🐾 £350- (dogs 2 years and under)
Not in a position to adopt but want to support in a different way?
If you would like to make a donation towards Cinnabon or any of our other dogs’ care I am sure that they would be entirely grateful and we at Pupcakes appreciate any consideration made.
Donations can be made through the following methods:
💳Bank transfer-
🛒 💻 Alternatively, please consider signing up to EASYFUNDING to help us receive FREE donations from over 4,000 online stores whilst you shop!
If you make a purchase through the App/website they will donate a percentage of your purchases to Pupcakes Rescue.
📫If you would like to donate any worming or flea treatment, washing powder (we do over 5 bedding washes every day), pet friendly disinfectant sprays/wipes, second hand leads, collars, harnesses, plastic or soft beds please do get in touch and we can pass on our address for postage or drop off.


Please share, and if you are interested in adopting or finding out more about Elsie, please download an adoption form from email it to
GLENDEE DOG RESCUE - Our Mission is to save as many dogs ...
BREED: Boston Terrier
AGE: 3
GOOD WITH CHILDREN: Adult only home
GOOD WITH OTHER DOGS: She has been assessed as wanting to be the only pet in the home, she is not tolerant of other dogs.
GOOD WITH CATS: She will chase cats
MORE INFORMATION: Elsie lived in a puppy farm she arrived into rescue requiring eye surgery for an untreated ulcerated eye, so now only has one eye.
She was very anxious and stressed on arrival, but settled quickly and became a firm favourite of us all. She was placed in a home, but after a while, she was returned, full details of this will be declared to anyone wishing to apply to adopt, but there was an incident in the home resulting in her being returned to us, and then requiring more assessments and training.
She is responding beautifully to her training and LOVES it!
IDEAL HOME: She is looking for an adult only home where someone is home most of the day in the beginning. She can sleep downstairs at night, but during the day, she can become unsettled when you leave her, so this will need to be gradually built upon, bit by bit to increase her confidence. She may cry, toilet and scratch doors when left. She does also still have the odd toileting accident. She would need her own garden as she doesn't yet enjoy going out for walks. Much preferring the comfort of her own home and adult human company.
FEEDING: She loves his food and at the kennels is fed a raw diet with species appropriate treats, no dry kibble as this increases the amount she toilets, as with many dogs.
HEALTH: She has been healthy during her stay at Glendee.
LOCATION: At Glendee Rescue,Hertfordshire
TRAINING REQUIREMENTS: Elsie isn't fond of other dogs, so walking in areas where other dogs go is stressful for her, she can go to a private dog park for off lead running. In time, this may improve if her new guardian keeps up with the training. She will need a caregiver that is dedicated to the training, this in turn will enrich her life and continue to help her find many things in her life less challenging.
This is our current assessment, the assessments are on-going as always, and although we temperament test our dogs in many situations, we can not know how they be when they arrive in your home, support is given as always be given by the training program you take on board at the time of adoption.