Fostering FAQs



Does it matter where I live?

   No… You can be anywhere in the UK, we need Foster Homes (and volunteers) all over England, Scotland and Wales


I live in a Flat/Apartment, is this an issue?

   No… As long as you have an outdoor space and are willing to walk the dog when required.


I don’t own my property but rent, is this an issue?

   No… As long as you have written permission from your Landlord to have a dog in the property.


I don’t drive, how can I pick up a dog?

   We have an amazing team of volunteers who can help with transport to you.


I work, can I still foster?

   We would prefer someone to be at home most of the day, so if you work from home, work part time, or in shifts with a partner so the dog is not left for more than 3 or 4 hours, please get in touch.


I have a dog/cat, can I still foster?

   We are looking for dog free homes at the moment, if this should change in the future, we will post for new applicants on our Social Media pages.