Volunteer For Us

Want to make a difference to a dog's life and help give them a second chance?



Here at UKBTR we are working hard on making sure we have foster homes available for every dog that may be surrendered to us. We have a range of different personalities that come to us, so we are making sure they are all catered for. Just like humans, they're all different! Having the right foster home can ensure we give our dogs the best place to be assessed before being available to adopt.

Fostering is what we do when a dog is surrendered to us, we provide a complete breed specialist rehoming service across the UK. In our experience, Bostons prefer beds to cold kennels, so we operate via a home fostering network. This means we can provide a home-from-home environment for all the Bostons that come into our care. We use this as an assessment period for any behavioural and/or health issues. All health issues are addressed, some dogs may require neutering/spaying before being adopted and our fosterers look after them during this period, up until the dog is fully assessed and ready for adoption.

If you don't feel you could commit to fostering, how about offering respite or emergency fostering? Our fosterers go away sometimes (believe it or not!) or dogs come in and need emergency short-term fostering whilst we find them a longer-term placement, maybe this is something you would consider?

We would love to welcome more fosterers to our team. So if you think you'd be able to help make a difference, especially to a dog that comes to us, please contact us for an application.

Fostering is an extremely rewarding process, if you would like to help but not sure if you could do it. We can help explain the process.  All expenses are covered by the rescue and you will be given full support, guidance and help, all the way.



Fundraising can be hosting your own meetup, holding your own dog show or donating items on our Facebook auction site. Anything you feel can make some pennies, please get in touch and we can send leaflets if you are holding your own event.



Transporting is crucial to getting the dogs to their foster home and we can never have too many.


We always need help to carry out home checks.


Assessing a dog before fostering to make sure we can place them in the appropriate environment.

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