Adoption Procedure

There is no other dog like a Boston Terrier. They are playful, loving, energetic, adaptable - all in equal measures. There is never a dull day if you have a Boston in the house. However, before you go any further you have to ask yourself this one question: Is a rescue Boston Terrier right for you?

Rehoming a Boston that has lived somewhere else before is not the quick, easy or cheap way to get a dog. They might not be reliably housetrained (and may never be), have behavioural issues such as separation anxiety and whilst we assess the dogs that come into our care and try and address as many issues prior to rehoming, adopting a Boston with a history can sometimes prove a lifelong challenge. Are you ready for that and prepared to put the work in?

If so then our process is:

Dogs who are ready to go to their new home, will be put up for adoption and we will invite applicants to apply. This means you will need to send in your application for a specific dog for it to be considered.
With regards to fostering, as a rule, we have never let fosters adopt their 1st foster dog. However this is changing. People are welcomed to apply to become fosters, by completing a foster application and we will get you home-checked. If a dog comes in needing fostering and you are successfully matched to that dog, you will be offered first refusal to adopt the dog when ready for adoption.

It is the adopter’s responsibility to arrange to collect the dog, and to bear the cost of transport.

Please see our FAQs for further information.

Or to apply complete the Adoption Application