Frequently asked questions

Every rescue has its own way of working - we are no different. Here are the questions we get asked most often about how we operate... If you have a question that's not covered here, feel free to email us.


What is your adoption fee?

Under 1 yr £600

1-2 yrs £550

3-4 yrs £500

5 yrs+ £450


Cross Breeds

Under 1 yr £550

1-2 yrs £500

3-4 yrs £450

5 yrs+ £400


For dogs homed with a neuter contract, there is an additional £100, refundable once proof of neuter provided to us.  Please note, we ALWAYS follow this up to ensure it is done.


Why do we all need to be there for a homecheck?

Our aim is to match the right dog to the right house. For this reason it's really important that we meet all members of your family at the homecheck. Some dogs are unsure about children, some don't like men, for example. By meeting all applicants from the outset, we minimise the risks of the dog not settling with you once rehomed.


Why are the dogs all microchipped to UKBTR?

We offer a lifetime rescue back up, so if - for whatever reason, even just a change of heart - you decide you can no longer care for your rescue Boston we are here to care for them. Since April 2016's law regarding microchipping we now offer dual registration once a 3-month follow up homecheck has been successfully carried out. By registering the microchip to our address, we can minimise the risk of our Bostons getting lost or ending up in another rescue.


Why don't you email unsuccessful candidates?

We're all volunteers here at UKBTR, we have families, dogs, jobs of our own. Some of our dogs generate a huge amount of interest and we just don't have the time to respond to everyone individually. We are quite realistic about timescales, so if you haven't heard from us within four weeks, then please assume you haven't been successful this time. We endeavour to get back to everyone


Why did I fail the homecheck?

We match each dog that comes in to its perfect home. If you fail a home check for one Boston, it doesn't necessarily follow that you'll not be perfect for another. Some need gardens - due to ongoing toilet training, for example; others need high fences because they think they're Houdini. Every Boston is different, so please don't take it personally - it's a reflection on the dog's needs, not yours.


Do you keep my details on file?

No, from October 10th we will no longer be keeping applications on file and all old applications will be deleted.


Why don't you keep dogs on hold?

We have a small number of safe, dedicated, foster carers across the Country. Once a dog has been assessed as ready for rehoming and a suitable home found, we rehome as soon as we can. This frees up our foster homes for new dogs coming into our care. Please bear this in mind when applying for one of our dogs and make a note of any upcoming holidays on your application form.


Why should all dogs in the adoptive home be neutered?

We try to take every precaution to minimise the risk of an adoption failing. In our experience, the risk of fighting is increased when there is a mix of neutered and non-neutered dogs living together. We understand your dog might be very laid back and calm, but often the dogs we are rehoming are not.


Where are you located?

All dogs are placed with foster families up and down the country until they are rehomed. We have no premises.