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Nala- Reserved 



Nala is available for adoption but has very specific needs. Please do not apply if you cannot provide what she needs.
Nala is a 8 month old girl who is now ready for adoption. She is looking for a very specific home with humans who understands she will need continued training, reassurance and guidance. This will take time.
Nala is looking for a dog and child free home, adults only. She needs a quiet home, ideally in a rural setting or somewhere that is very quiet. She is currently in foster with a cat, who mainly lives outdoors. She loves the cat but is boisterous and wants to play all the time. Any resident cat would need to be dog savvy and like dogs. She does like other dogs and we would be keen for her to have play time with other dogs however only 1 or 2 at a time. Nala will not cope going into a doggy care setting so please do not apply if you plan to use a day care or a dog walker with a large number of dogs.
Nala is a scared little girl at times and she will react by snapping and biting. She can be your best friend then get scared and react. We know some of her triggers and this will be discussed with new owners. If she is taken out her routine she will be upset so she needs owners who will have a steady routine, that she knows won't change.
We will provide behaviourist support for little Nala and as she is still very young we are positive she will flourish in her new forever home. She has had a lot of upheaval already so this needs to be her final move.
Nala is currently in foster in Sheffield so whoever adopts her must be prepared to fetch her from there. Her adoption fee is £500 and she is neutered, and will be wormed and flead before leaving her foster home.
If you’ve already applied to adopt, your application will automatically be considered if you meet the criteria but please feel free to contact us if you are interested.
If you haven’t applied, please submit an application Thank you.


Mavis is a 2.5 year old girl who is now ready for adoption. She’s been in foster for some time now and can live with older children 14+. She is dog reactive on walks but has also been fine with a few dogs but having attacked a dog in her previous home, needs to be dog and other furries free.
Mavis suffers with severe separation anxiety and can only be left for short periods (less than half an hour) before becoming distressed so needs a home where someone is around all of the time. Whilst her SA might be able to be improved (and we will fund a behaviourist if needed) whoever adopts her has to accept she might never be fully ok about being left. This can be a long, slow process. Mavis will need owners who are happy to have her in their room at night as she can’t cope being on her own.
Mavis also has a benign neurological condition that makes her a little wobbly at times but this isn’t progressive and doesn’t affect her (she is walked 3 miles twice a day with a shorter walk at lunchtimes) and has been checked over by a vet.
Mavis is currently in foster in Manchester so whoever adopts her must be prepared to fetch her from there. Her adoption fee is £450 and she is neutered, and will be wormed and flead before leaving her foster home.

Birdie Bee- Reserved



This gorgeous girl Birdie Bee is now looking for that special furever home, she has been in foster for some time as some may remember her coming in - she is four years old this month and she has a lot of anxieties, fears and overall nervousness and often finds the world very stressful and scary - our lovely foster parents and their male Boston have worked hard to show Bee that she can trust and with a lot of patience she has improved loads BUT she is still going to need a special home that can adapt to meet this girls needs.
She is not keen on going out for walks but again this has improved but she is spooked by so many things, after slow introductions she can live with another dog if that dog is patient and can cope with her lack of manners at times!
She has nipped a couple of times when scared and nervous and doesn’t like new people getting in her face.
She does try to chase cats
She finds young children and noisy busy environments very worrying and we are looking for a quieter home probably more rural than a city centre with owners who are around a lot of the time with oodles of patience - in return she is the most loving and caring girl who just needs to know she is safe and loved.
Bee is currently in the Wolverhampton area and prospective adopters will need to travel there to meet her. Her adoption fee is £400



Lottie- Reserved 


Lottie is now looking for that special furever home!
PLEASE read all the info before you apply - she is so cute but needs a special family.
Lottie is nearly 18months old - she is a very friendly and loving girl but doesn’t alway recognise when she is being too full on. In foster she has come on leaps and bounds and with time, consistent training and socialisation she is bound to continue to improve.
She has been extremely fear reactive when seeing other dogs - she lunges and screeches but the foster family have worked hard with this and she has now made a couple of dog friends - this is an ongoing training issue and Lottie will either be best with one other calm and tolerant dog to show her the ropes or as an only dog with potential to meet other dogs and socialise. She can be full on and a bit too much for many dogs - her manners and social etiquette is still lacking.
She hasn’t lived with cats or others furries but has shown interest in chasing so wont be rehomed with either.
She has lived with children but can be nippy and mouthy and wont be rehomed with very young or inexperienced families.
She can be left but only for short periods - again this will need building up with training and when she feels safe and secure.
She has some allergies and this may require ongoing treatment.
Lottie will need further training, behavioural input and experienced handling, so please consider if this is something you can provide.
Lottie is currently in Leamington Spa and prospective adopters will need to travel to meet her (will need to met any prospective new fur brother or sister prior to adoption)
Her adoption fee is £450
If you have already submitted an adoption application in the past year, you will be automatically considered - but feel free to comment if interested.
Otherwise if you would like to be considered please submit an application.
Please read the ‘Adoption Proceedures’ again  where the process is fully explained.
Thank you 😊

Ronnie - Reserved


Please read all info fully📢
Ronnie has been in the Sanctuary for rehabilitation since February and is now looking for his new special home. Ronnie is a boy who will need owners who listen to advice and follow guidelines for him. He will go to a home on a FOSTER TO ADOPT basis.
Ronnie came into the rescue due to his extreme nipping and guarding issues. Joy and her team have been working with Ronnie and he has not tried to nip/bite for few months.
Ronnie will fit into multi dog home but no children or cats. He sleeps quietly in a crate by night. Ronnie has strange food tastes as won’t eat dog food so that will need to be worked on.
Ronnie is a very busy dog and can have moments where he gets very wound up, panting and stressing but this is sorted by taking him for a little walk, a body rub and cuddle with someone he has bonded with.
Ronnie is a little boy who will need a lot of time and patience so please do not offer him a new home if you can't commit to his needs.
If you have a current application in and feel you could offer Ronnie a home please let us know and I will review your application. New applications are welcomed, they form can be completed through our website.




HOMECHECK DURING COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS: a check of the interior of your property will be conducted remotely via video conferencing; therefore please do not apply if you do not have the facilities for this (i.e. smart phone/ tablet device/laptop).  Photographs will NOT be accepted.