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Our wonderful Nancy is looking for her forever home.
She is a 2 year old spayed Frenchton (Boston x Frenchie) who could live with one other dog (that’s not too over the top energetic) and children 10+. No cats please.
Nancy is located in Blackburn and if applying with a resident dog you’ll need to be able to travel to Blackburn to meet Nancy with your dog to ensure they get along, and then collect her.
Her adoption fee is £500.
If you can offer Nancy a home, please apply via the application here.


Delightful Dexy is still looking for her new home. Dexy is 8 and a lovely calm lady, who loves to potter about the garden and go on walks.
Dexy is looking for her new home due to a little hooman disturbing her peace. Please be kind as her owners are very upset. Dexy has had a couple of snaps due to being disturbed so an adult only home please. No young children but I am open to discuss older children (teenagers) if they can respect her space.
She is currently living with her grandparents and has been a wonderful guest. She loves her cuddles and belly rubs and has been working hard with her granny on some training.
Whilst she did live with her son, she became protective and can be reactive on walks when she sees other dogs. When i say reactive, she barks as do a lot of other dogs. She has never been aggressive to a dog and never bitten. Due to this, she is walked on a lead and she enjoys this. Whilst a lot of people would like a dog to be off lead, not all dogs are happy with that.
I am looking for a dog and cat free home for Dexy.
Dexy's adoption fee is £300 and the rescue will transport her to her new home.
If you feel you can offer Dexy a nice calm home, and shower her with love and spoil her, then please apply here and  mark the application for Dexy.


Introducing the charming Milo, who's seeking a new loving home through our rescue due to an unforeseen change in circumstances for Milo's owners.
Milo is a spirited 7-month-old Boston Terrier, sporting a handsome black and white coat. Like many pups his age, Milo is exploring his boundaries and would thrive in a home that provides gentle guidance and affection.
We believe Milo would flourish in a household with children aged 13 and above who understand how to interact with dogs. While Milo reportedly gets along well with other dogs, if you have a resident pup, we kindly request a meet-up in the Bolton area.
Milo's adoption fee is £600, with a £100 neutering contract. Rest assured, we'll cover the cost of his neutering procedure.
If you feel you can offer Milo the nurturing environment he deserves, please fill out our adoption application form here.
Thank you for considering opening your heart and home to Milo



This sweet little girl is being surrendered due to her owner's personal circumstances.
Brenda is a 4.5 year old neutered girl who loves cuddles and attention from her hoomans. Brenda was attacked by a bulldog not long ago, so we feel she should be the only dog in the home. As per your typical Boston she is picky about other dogs that she may or may not get on with.
She is able to go to a home where there are older dog savvy children as she can be jumpy and excitable at times.
She isn't cat tested so a cat free home please 🙂
Brenda has a random quirk where she absolutely hates post/letters. This is something to be mindful if you are sat down dealing with the post as she will try to destroy it.
Brenda's adoption fee is £500.00 - and as she is coming straight from her current home, the rescue will transport her.
If you feel you could offer a home to this little girl please send in an application via our online form which can be found here.


Oreo is finally looking for his forever home 💙
He is a 2 year old neutered boy, who has had a rough start, finding himself back and forth from kennels until he arrived with one of our wonderful fosterers. It took a long time to get Oreo into one of our comfortable foster homes so he’s had some well needed decompression time.
Oreo is looking for a pet and child free home, however he would like some external doggy friends. Older teens will be considered. The person taking Oreo on will have a loving boy, but will need to be very patient and dedicated to his ongoing training as he can become very excitable.
Whilst in foster, it was discovered that Oreo had grade 3 luxating patella in both his legs. He has had surgery to one leg but is due surgery to the other. This would need performing from June 2024 and all costs are covered by the rescue. He recovered very well from the first surgery.
Oreos adoption fee is £550 and he is based in Kent where you will need to collect him.
If you feel you could offer Oreo the loving home he deserves, please apply here.
( first photo courtesy of Ashbourne Animal Welfare)



This is Jake who is roughly 2-years old and is a very special boy in search of a very special home 💙
Jake has had an unbelievably rough start in life, finding himself in the care of the RSPCA at just 7 months old. He was taken into our care in September 2023 where his fosterer has worked incredibly hard to help Jake on his journey to adoption ⭐️
This very handsome Boston is looking for a pet free and child free home, preferably somewhere a bit more rural (can be discussed).
Jake also needs someone who can cope with his medical needs. He was born with a condition called Hypospadias which was left untreated as a puppy. This means his urethral orifice is abnormally positioned and his gentleman area is fully exposed. He can toilet perfectly fine however his condition means Jake needs his sensitive areas to be kept clean and inspected regularly. The rescue will cover the costs of Jake’s necessary medical requirements for life. His medical needs can be discussed further upon application, and photos can be provided.
Whilst in foster, Jake has been under the guidance of a behaviourist due to his fears of the world linked to his early-life trauma. He has made fantastic progress but this would need to be maintained in his forever home. Ongoing behavioural costs will be covered by the rescue.
Despite the above, Jake is a happy boy who is living life as any other dog would. He loves to play with his toys, he loves a cuddle, he enjoys quiet walks and he has the cutest face!
Jake’s adoption fee is £500 and he is based in Redhill where you would need to collect him. Unlike our usual process, due to Jake’s situation we would like the successful applicant to meet Jake first.
Are you the special person Jake is looking for? If so, please apply via the link. If anyone would like to discuss a potential application for Jake, please email us at