Captain The Brave

Our very own Superhero 
You may all remember Frodo, a very special boy who was sadly abandoned in a house when his owners moved away?
- he had some major issues and after a great foster stay where he started to show some progress we put out a special appeal to try and find a very special someone for him to call his own and start the very very slow steps to regaining some trust and confidence - needle in haystack it felt but once again with the support of all, from financial, to fosterers, from transporters to homecheckers, the fab rescue team who are all volunteers as well and the wonderful Boston lovers we have - we only went and did it!! 🎉
Welcome to the new amazing, woofilicious Captain - doesn’t he look the part? 🦸 He’s proud of his new name and he’s got this - his new pawrent has just about convinced him that she’s got his back and as a team they are making huge strides to conquer the fears with courage and conviction!
Huge thanks to mum for taking on this boy whom I know is adored even when he has thrown a few curved balls over the past month 😍
We couldn’t be prouder of Captain, his adopter and all who support him - he’s even earned star student award from the behaviourist 🙌
This is what it’s all about