After much thought, as of tomorrow, 10th October 2022 we have decided to change our fostering and adoption process. This is for a number of reasons; firstly, we are finding it increasingly time consuming and frustrating to go through all the applicants we hold on file when shortlisting for a dog available, only to find that the majority we contact either never respond, or have since got a dog and no longer want to adopt. Secondly, despite many pleas and requests, it is becoming increasingly difficult to recruit fosterers ☹
Thirdly, whilst some dogs do need to be fostered; for example, they have some issues (medical or behavioural) that require further assessment/treatment/input, or need to come in urgently, many don’t; they’re being surrendered for reasons that are nothing to do with them (change of circumstances/working hours/domestic arrangements) and these dogs, following assessment prior to coming into rescue, can be placed straight into a ‘forever’ home, which can save further upheaval.
To that end, we will no longer be keeping applications on file and all old applications will be deleted. Dogs who are ready to go to their new home, will be put up for adoption and we will invite applicants to apply. This means you will need to send in your application for a specific dog for it to be considered.
With regards to fostering, as a rule, we have never let fosters adopt their 1st foster dog. However this is changing. People are welcomed to apply to become fosters, by completing a foster application and we will get you home-checked. If a dog comes in needing fostering and you are successfully matched to that dog, you will be offered first refusal to adopt the dog when ready for adoption.
We’re hoping this will make for a fairer, more streamlined process for all (including us!) and we thank you for your understanding.
Anne, Beth and Moira x