Claude and his UKBTR Happy Ever After

As told by Claude's mum Candice.

What can I say? Claude is just the most adorable, cuddly, humorous, sweet, loving little friend in the world!

He came to us on an October evening, after a long journey from Liverpool. He had five hand overs along the way and was being transported with a couple of other rescues being taken to foster homes. We waited with great anticipation as we were updated by Anne on his where abouts.

We didn't quite know what to expect. We had seen one picture of this sweet little boy and had been told he had a few challenges that he'd be bringing with him from his previous home. This included separation anxiety a few cases of destructive behaviour (chewing at the carpet) and barking and crying if left alone even for a few minutes. Also, there was mention of him being mostly house trained although he had been known to mess in the house and on the sofa. Also, him and his sister were being rehomed as they had been fighting with each other (litter syndrome) and so we weren't sure about him being aggressive or not?

With all of things in mind we felt a little apprehensive as well as an overwhelming excitement to meet our little boy.

When the car pulled into the drive, he was happily sitting on the front seat with big bright eyes taking in all his surroundings. Annette from the rescue took him out the car gave him a big cuddle and said " lucky I got here because I was considering dog napping this wee sweetheart " I brought him inside and he was a ball of excitement he cuddled and bounced and drowned us in kisses from the get-go.


Claude has taken a couple of months to settle in properly and we have had a few things that we have found ways around to help him transition into his new home and family. We had to change his food up a few times until we found something that suited him as we did have some sick moments due to anxiety and the food being too rich ( Canagan dry kibble) we found that (Yora pellets) are best suited for his sensitive tummy although we still mix it with the Canagan wet food. We also have a calming collar which has been a lifesaver for Claude as this allows him to function at a normal pace and takes away his anxiety.

We had Claude in his crate for the first night as that is what he was "used to" in his previous home. We soon discovered this was not for him as he cried the whole night, and my heart couldn't handle it so from the next evening onwards he cuddled in bed with us and we all sleep soundly and right through the night! We kept him in his crate for a couple of hours in the morning when we went off to work and became aware that he was not crate trained and felt more like he had been caged as he would soil his crate every time. We then took the crate away and he happily sleeps in his basket or in his beloved sunshine on the sofa. He's never messed or destroyed anything even when left alone. He responds positively to praise and encouragement he loves his treats which he first thought were toys!

We've been together for 7 months and I can't tell you how happy and settled this little boy is now. He can play freely in the garden without scurrying indoors when alarmed by day-to-day sounds like birds tweeting and planes flying overhead. He has his favourite toys and loves playing fetch. He enjoys his daily walk/run up the country path and just adores his peaceful country life.

Claude is a very clever little boy! He learns quickly and is eager to please. Always showing us his gratitude by trying his very best. He is a vocal little sausage and likes to have conversations with squeals, grunts, and gentle sounds as he moves his head from side to side having a conversation with his mommy, daddy, or granny.

For us we have our days filled with laughter and cuddles and have given him the support and love he needs to be the best boy he can be! We have had none of the above-mentioned negative behaviour. The only challenge we have to manage is over excitement when we arrive home. Claude likes to greet us with all his love and happiness which escalates into jumping and sometimes nipping on clothing. We have managed this by teaching him to get his favourite toy on our arrival and taking his excitement out on that which is working well.

He is such an angel and although adopting a rescue was a little nerve wrecking once he arrived and we saw his beautiful face we knew we had done the right thing and over the past months we've been proven right. Claude is amazing he brings joy to all who meet him. We are so lucky to have him as part of our family and can't imagine life without him.