Elvis - He Was All Shook Up Now a Happy Hound Dog

Elvis' Story -as told by Elvis, Jan. 2024.


Hi, my name is Elvis, 'm 7 1/2 years old & a mix of Boston Terrier & Jack Russell. As with many of us older or mix-bread dogs, I thought I may not find my forever home for a long while after I came to the rescue. I was very thin & full of fleas then but my foster mom & her family including my canine foster sister really helped me out. My foster mom got rid of those pesky fleas pronto & fed me some wonderful meals, so I gained weight. She helped me learn lots about the outside world. My canine foster sister helped me with socializing and taught me to play. Unfortunately, I really didn't know much about the outside world, so I was very unsure of myself. Thanks to my foster family, I was able to meet my new forever parents on Sept. 23, 2023.


For 4 years my forever parents had no dog, and life was very quiet & routine. That changed when mom & dad brought me home. They give me lots of love & attention, and super food. I have toys & a soft cosy bed with lots of warm fleece blankets. I go to a lovely huge park where I have met some canine friends & some really nice human friends. Some of my doggy friends have taught their moms & dads to bring treats to share. At home, although I am house-trained, I didn't know anything else. I'm having fun learning lots. I sit politely & take treats carefully, I know to wait at kerbs, and am learning that the world is not a scary, hurtful place-it's full of fun & friends. I'm gaining a whole lot of confidence. I have lots of fun & cuddle times with mom & dad. We play games & I have a giant back garden where I LOVE chasing squirrels & big birds. Mom & dad have taken me out for lunch & coffee so that I experience different situations. Suzy, from Wolf & Whippet, is supporting me with all kinds of help so I can learn to come when called and walk nicely on a loose lead without being anxious or afraid. It's fun, and I'm gaining confidence more & more every day. I'm a very happy, much-loved boy.


Although my name is Elvis, I can't sing, but mom says I sometimes do a rather melodious OOOOOOOOOOO in my sleep. I'm fond of classical music, too, and I like to watch ballet on TV, finding treats in my snuffle mat-and I LOVE my walks with mom or dad. I do a 'happy dance' now.


Thank you for reading about me. Please, if you are considering adopting a dog (or cat), think of an older/mix bred. For a kind, loving home, we will give you far more than you can imagine in love, gratitude and companionship.