Finn - Devil to Angel


Our favourite Friday feature sharing some the success stories of our past adoptions – todays #forever home Friday is the gorgeous Finn who celebrated his birthday yesterday – Happy Boston Birthday handsome.
In the words of his mum
We adopted Finn back in 2018 and described him as a 10-month-old Tasmanian Devil.
He hadn’t been given any training or walks and had no routine with his previous owners.
However, he had been making good progress and was responding well in foster care. 
The day we went to collect him he came across as very timid, but he soon came out of his shell!!
His start with us wasn’t easy and we faced some difficulties including he was attacked three times in the space of a year whilst on lead. This hugely knocked his confidence and makes him reactive out of fear.
He’s very very obedient. You can leave food next to him and he won’t touch it unless given permission. He loves people and whilst not a lap dog he gives kisses and licks and lets you pick him up. He loves tummy rubs and hugs.
Though friendly, affectionate, and caring, Finnley never has been a lap dog and likes his space, which we have always given him. It took 15 months to get to the stage where he would cuddle.


Health wise has been a tricky journey however with the vet’s help, diet changes and knowing him and his triggers, he’s happy and loving life again.
He loves playing ball, hide and seek and secure fields where he can run like crazy with his Boston friends who I’ve socialised him with.
He’s met Gusdog and Link and counts them as firm friends.
His favourite foods are tortilla chips and an egg McMuffin (only on his birthday!).
He loves sunbathing anywhere and is a Boston solar panel.
Through him I’ve met so many lovely people - people I would never have known had it not been for him. He is my husband’s first dog and he adores him.
Rehoming a Boston aged nearly a year who’s very dominant has taken much time and patience. We wouldn’t change any of it for the world, but adopting is certainly not all licks and cuddles. But it shows that time can heal. It’s amazing seeing him (and us and he’s done us proud.!
Thank you again UKBTR, the joy and love you bring to Bostons and their owners is incredible