Forever Home Friday - Danny

You may remember we had a special appeal for Danny some time ago. We struggled to find him a forever home. Turns out we found the perfect home for him. This was Danny’s original appeal:


Danny has now secured a new placement - join me in thanking them and crossing everything 🤞that he settles and is a good match or he gains the confidence and skills to help him find the perfect home in the future 🐾

come on Danny you got this 😍

Danny is looking for his furever home - he is a 6-year-old Boston cross Frenchie and a handsome boy with it!

Danny is a sensitive soul who worries about a lot of things and would really like a quiet life - saying that he loves to play and is very loving and affectionate on his terms when he feels you understand him and he trusts you to get it right. When he is unsettled he can withdraw, but will give a warning if he is not happy.

He is unsure of other dogs but has made friends with a couple of laid back soul mates in the park but doesn’t like dogs racing into his face and he will lunge. He is a bit the same with people - he doesn’t like sudden movement, loud noises, flapping and fussing all send him into a panic.

He is a bright boy and has shown improvements in Foster and we do feel it’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks - but Danny will always need some shielding and for his new family to act as his guard and let him feel safe to relax.

We are looking for a home with no other resident dogs, cats or furries ( he will chase) and no young children (older teens would be fine) as he just can’t cope with the unexpected!

He will make the perfect soul mate for the right family and will reward you hugely for loving him.


We recently carried out his 3 month follow up check where this was the feedback:

‘Very happy, lots of bum wiggles. Danny took lots of time to show me each of his toys whilst I sat talking to

No incidents as they have taken time to learn Danny’s triggers and will actively aim to avoid anything which may have caused an issue for Danny in the past. There was no indication of anything sinister. He was a very happy and contented pup.’

They’ve even had a portrait painted , he loves the secure dog field and the fire .

 Danny pic

Finally, a message from his new pawrents:

Thank you, we are amazed at how cuddly and obedient he is. Cannot believe he was a nightmare dog. For his birthday we took him out on a nice walk and let him pick out his own toy and treats, he's had an insane amount cuddles and kisses today and we found out that he starts singing if you just say happy birthday to him! He's had many a treat today to keep him going.