Forever Home Friday - Jimmy

Jimmy is a black and white Boston Terrier who is 5yrs old (6 this July)

We rescued Jimmy on 31/10/2021, we (Gary & Nicky) lived in Hastings at that

time and Jimmy settled in very quickly. I was lucky as the job I was doing then

allowed me to be at home all the time which allowed me to bond with Jimmy

very quickly. Jimmy suffers from chronic inflammatory bowel disease and he

was on steroids when we first fostered him (then adopted), we managed to

reduce his dosage over time with permission from the UKBTR and the vet and

he is now med free and has been for a while. Jimmy has to be on a strict diet

and since our recent move to Wales he has not had tummy problems

whatsoever, plus his farting has pretty much stopped as well. (What a blessing

that is, it used to be dangerous if he farted in the car, suddenly all windows

would be open regardless of the weather LOL). We decided after Jimmy’s

operations for castration, soft palate and nostrils we would break his meals up

into four smaller meals through the day rather than bulk feed him, we found

this has helped with his tummy issues. Regarding his operations, having his soft

palate done and nostrils widened it has helped him no end, no more gasping

for breath on walks, much more energy, plus it has pretty much stopped his

snoring (but not completely lol). Jimmy is a very affectionate dog to us but

does not like strangers, having said that, he now let’s my mother-in-law have

him on her lap, (no mother-in-law jokes please) it took a while but it does show

with a little patience Jimmy will trust others.

Jimmy will follow us everywhere indoors but once in the garden he will

disappear to hunt around for something to eat, normally something

unsavoury, plus there is plenty of room for his mad zoomies, his eyes go wide

and gets this look where you know he is just about to go completely nutty,

especially if I chase him 

While we were in Hastings, we took Jimmy on a Boston Terrier walk with the

Battle Boston dog walkers, he was very excitable at first but once the walk

started he gradually settled down so we will look for something similar here to

help with his socialising.


Like so many others who have fostered and adopted from the UKBTR, we are

very very lucky to have Jimmy, without there help and ongoing support we

would not have one of these mad, hyper active one moment, asleep the next,

loving dogs in our lives. Thank you xx