Gibson - New Name, New Life

Time for a Forever Home Friday feature, our favourite feel good day showing how much joy our adopted pups bring. Today featuring this cutie in the words of his pawrents:
This is our new boy, Gibson. He wasn’t always Gibson; he wasn’t always
our boy. But now he’s both of those things, and we couldn’t be
Gibson was originally christened Diego. He wasn’t a Diego, at all. His
original owners apparently decided to get rid of him after an incident
when he didn’t want to share his dinner with a random child, and let
his opinion be known perhaps a little too obviously.
He is now coming up to three years old, the prime of life, and he
seems to bear no one any ill will, despite his background. Gibson is
the sweetest, most loving, loyal and amusing companion it is possible
to imagine.
Gibson isn’t our first Boston, and he shares many traits with his
much-missed predecessor. He loves to be near us; he’s hugely
inquisitive; he can be swayed by treats; he is small and glossy and
friendly to everyone. On the other hand, he’s no great admirer of
squirrels, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, rats and the like. But Gibson
also tries to corral cows and horses, which we could prefer he didn’t.
And he doesn’t mind water and mud, which our carpets are discovering.
We were told he had a problem with big dogs, especially black ones,
and loved to sleep in his cage. Neither of these appears to be true.
He does hate motorcyclists, and runs at them barking furiously, which
can be a problem if we switch off when walking by a main road.
But Gibson is a hugely positive addition to our household: endlessly
entertaining, full of love, easy to care for and a new best friend to
everyone he meets. Our thanks have to go to all the hard-working
volunteers at UK Boston Terrier Rescue for all their commitment and
care: we genuinely could not be happier with our new boy.