Gus is adopted.

You may remember Gus who was surrendered a few weeks ago, due to his owner’s relationship breakdown and working hours increasing which meant he was being left for long periods. He wasn’t coping so she did the right thing for him and surrendered him.
Once in his foster home it became apparent he had issues – severe separation anxiety, tendency to nip with excitement, the potential to fight due to his lack of manners when meeting other dogs, tendency to be destructive when left , pulling on the lead and poor recall.
Even with training Gus can still only be left for up to 20 minutes and we have no way of knowing how long it will take for this to improve. So with this in mind, and wanting to do what’s best for him, we’ve made the decision to let him be adopted by his fosterers. This will enable him to continue with the vast amount of ongoing training they’ve started with him, and will give him continuity and consistency which he needs.
We appreciate this might be frustrating for those of you waiting patiently to adopt but we hope you understand we have to do what’s in the dog’s best interests.