Lynda's Success Story

Written by Denise – mum to Lynda.

Adoption Diary:

June 2021

Today is a month since we brought this bundle of energy home. She gives the best kisses so she’s a keeper!

It’s hard to know how the team at UKBTR match a dog with a family to both meet their needs and to thrive emotionally but they do. If you’re waiting for that phone call do trust the team, they are thorough and think of way more than I’ll ever understand.

This chicken is settling in well It’s like she’s always been a part of our family, we’re still getting lots of useful support from Moria and are able to chat with the foster family which is great. We’ve taken lots of advice on managing Lynda’s (formally India) intolerances and her allergies. She’s been to a behaviourist and a nutritionist and when we find one, she’ll have a consultation with a doggie dermatologist, meanwhile we’ve found Cooper & Gracie Anti Itch really soothes her skin after a roll in the grass. We’ve brought a freezer so we can buy her raw food in bulk and found her a lovely walker / trainer with a pup Lynda really gets on with so she can have play dates. Adopting Lynda has been wonderfully full on with so much to think about, so we give her the security and love and do the work to manage her conditions.

I can’t imagine the stress her first family felt in giving her up, I know UKBTR keep them updated on her progress which is lovely and reassuring, I’m glad they want to know how their girl is getting on. This really is one big family BT and I’m so happy to be a part of it.


August 2021

Somebody had their 4th birthday yesterday 🎉

She ate, she drank and made merry. Every day is like a party in Lynda world because we celebrate her every day and she’s more than happy to take all the attention.

We’ve made a birthday bumps donation to say thank you to UKBTR for bringing crazy girl into our lives.


May 2022

It’s Lynda’s (previously India) 1st gotcha day.

I still don’t know how UKBTR know who to match dogs with for successful re homing, but they do. We all could not be happier ☺️

Lynda has food intolerances and loads of allergies, including to grass. We have spent a year getting her belly happy, no one wants to feel sick all the time and learning how best to manage her reaction to grass.

She is happy, healthy and enjoying the company of other furry friends, something she couldn’t do a year ago.

I love her more than I love the husband (but don’t tell him 😉).

If you are waiting for a chicken, please just trust the process, the team know what the dog needs and spend a lot of time making sure the rehoming is going to be successful. If they say the dog needs a small child free home, it does. If it needs a garden, it does, if it needs someone around all day it does, it’s about the dog, not you.

We have done a lot of learning the past year to make sure we can best support Lynda and it really hasn’t been hard at all and UKBTR have supported us loads along the way. If you think having a chicken who has some intolerances going on might be a challenge, we have found it to be pretty manageable. We just have to be organised and maybe I brought Lynda a freezer to keep her food in because our boy is 15 and our freezer is full of chips and burgers.

We spray her with an organic anti itch spray before she goes out and she’s having a herbal supplement with her breakfast, both of these have massively improved her skin and reduced her needing an injection for her allergies every month. We’ll see how she goes this summer but she’s getting her shot, which the husband has learned to do at home about every three months now - see why he’s still here. Lynda can roll in the grass without me having a panic attack or her breaking out in hives as much as she likes, it’s a beautiful thing for both of us.

Lynda is living her best life. We are eternally grateful to the family who decided the best thing to do was rehome her, it must have been a heart-breaking decision. And we’re so grateful to everyone at UKBTR who looked after her and all the other furry friends, they spend so much time finding new homes for these little dogs. Magic makers all.

That’s me, dropping in to update on Lynda and say thank you. Now I’m off to take her for a very long walk with a stop off for a treat or two.


What a girl, we feel incredibly blessed.

Thank you UKBTR ❤️