Maddie - Who Needed Who?

Another lovely story of a UKBTR success story - Maddie hasn't been at her forever home long but has already changed lives in that short time. A heartwarming tale of a rescue pup mending a broken heart - perfect Forever Home Friday feeling.

In the words of her Dad.


Maddie 1


Maddie came into my life after I lost my rescue boxer Lyla through old age.

I think I needed her as much as she needed me.

I had been following Boston Terrier Rescue on social media for a few years. I had become fond of the breed after meeting one local to where I live, and also having been told they are like mini boxers :)


Maddie is lovely little girl. She is great around the house, loves to travel in the car....and loves people!

She spends the days during the week with me in my home office, either curled up on her bed, or on the chair.

She always keen for her lunchtime and evening walk....unless its raining. Then it’s a lot more difficult to get her out of the door. I had seen on the rescue pages that Boston’s are fair weather dogs. :)

At weekends we like to get out and about....I am trying to get her used to as many new experiences as possible.


Maddie came to me with a history of lead and dog aggression, which I had dealt with wit my previous rescue Lyla.

Only having had Maddie a few days we went to a local pet shop. I was actually shocked at just how reactive she was. I think it was fear and being overwhelmed with the situation.

Being totally honest, I was wondering if I had taken on too much.

Roll forward 6 weeks, and with help from a behaviourist, Maddie is doing great!

She is a very clever little girl, who loves to learn and is very engaged with the training we are doing. It also helps she is a massive foodie!

While her reactivity is not yet cured, she is so much better. I feel I can take her to busy places without it being so stressful for her.... or me. There is no overnight fix, but I am sure with more time she will no longer feel anxious around other dogs when out and about.

I would urge anyone not to overlook dogs with reactivity. It is something that can be helped, and you can easily learn how deal with situations, to help them become happier and less anxious dogs.



I can’t imagine life without Maddie now, even after a few short weeks.

She is loved by me, and my parents (Nana and Grandad :) ) who she regularly visits. It’s now become like her second home.




Maddie 4