Margot - From Cyprus to Forever Home

Margots journey is a pretty special one. We all love a happy ever after and this girl showed despite the toughest starts she made it to a special forever home. Margot started life living in cage in Cyprus before coming to the UK Boston terrier Rescue.

She had some ups and downs and a few health issues. Firstly, she was diagnosed with leishmaniasis then needed her cruciate ligament replaced. She is larger than average Boston Cross girl at 19kg which may have been an issue for adopters.

She showed early on what a smasher she was. She was good with dogs, kids, loves everyone, fully housetrained and being a typical pup, just needed some further training.


Fast forward to her adoption and settling in her home. Margot found her purpose in life - to love and be loved Margot now spends her days running free in Dorset hills and riverside living in Surrey. Margot is, dare I say, a little clumsy but we forgive her as she’s an 18kg love machine who is absolutely the best dog with children.

Not so good with squirrels or cats though but we can forgive that.