Mr W - Finally a Forever Home

Welcome to Winston, or Mr W!  12-year-old Winston came into us after we mounted a rescue mission to get him in as soon as possible due to our concerns regarding his wellbeing. We won’t focus on his past, we’re purely trying to give him the best future ever!

We had concerns with his welfare and after trying to organise his transport for a few days, one of our SuperHero Volunteers Abby drove to collect him and move him to his Forever Foster, a journey of 6-7hrs. 
He arrived late at night and as you can see from the photos, severely malnourished, extremely underweight and very bewildered, having left the only people he’d known for 10 years. 

Winston remained very subdued and shut down, but did take a fancy to a dog bed and slept for a day or so and then began to eat with gusto! A few days later he became acutely unwell and had to be rushed to the emergency vet.  He had a fever, had been incontinent, seemed to have had a seizure and we were so worried about him. He was stabilised and then admitted to our vet the next day, who diagnosed possible liver and bile duct infection and possible cancer, with very abnormal bloods.  He was given a trial of antibiotics, liver supplements and a special diet, with a review in a month’s time.

Well, in the space of 10 days, Winston has gained nearly a kilo in weight and has found his inner puppy!  He continues to make great progress, playing with humans and foster siblings, and generally enjoying doggy life. 


We’re just hoping that with plenty of love, food and more love and a bit more food, he’ll go from strength to strength and hopefully won’t be going anywhere soon!  
Winston will stay with his Forever Foster Family now to live out whatever remaining life he has, being loved, cared for and just a little bit spoiled.  He really has won over the hearts of the whole volunteer team.. and the word ‘dognapping’ has been used more than once!