Pearl & Pals chose us!

We are pleased to share the recent announcement from our friends at Pearl & Pals. Pearl and Pals create the most amazing prints of your beloved pets. They turn your photos into unique pieces of art suited to any home decor.
Please go check and check them out and happy shopping.  


Pearl and Pals 

Here is their recent post.

Announcing our charity of choice for 2021

Pearl & Pals are proud to announce the UKBTR as our charity of choice for 2021. 

The UKBTR are a registered charity run entirely by volunteers, who rescue, rehabilitate and rehome Boston Terriers and Boston Terrier crosses.

In addition, they provide support, help and advice to Boston Terrier owners and raise awareness on the proper care and the treatment of various health issues they can suffer from.

Having two Boston’s ourselves, we are a little biased to the cause, but they do fantastic work giving dogs who need it, a whole new chance to live their life to the fullest.

What does this mean? It means we will find opportunities to support them where we can. Starting with our promise that £5 of every Boston Terrier portrait will go directly to the charity. We will also support their own fundraising efforts with prizes to raffle, sell or donate.

We will continue to work with other charities where we can, and will not be working exclusively with the UKBTR, but look forward to doing what we can this year to support them.