Reggie -Success Story

Reggie was surrendered to us in February 21 displaying human and dog aggression and the risks meant we couldn’t place him into a foster home - he was such a scared boy his only way of dealing with the world was by scaring them off with his teeth so he went to the BSAS Sanctuary where  Joy Keys and her team once again worked their magic!
We are always on the lookout for potential matches for dogs like Reggie and fast forward to Easter 2022 and Reggie has moved into a wonderful foster to adopt home!
His new family travelled from Scotland to meet this boy and take him home - he has entered their life like a whirlwind and no doubt will test them well to see if they mean it but day 2 and looks like he has got his paws on their hearts already 🥰
I am sure you will all join me in rooting for this boy - come on Reggie you can do this 🐾😍
The image of a content Boston below!