Roxie - Adoption Success Story

Written by Roxies proud mum.


A Pupdate - Roxie Roo!

What can I say about this gorgeous girl, as anything I say will not do her justice! We adopted Roxie nearly 2 years ago from UKBTR when she was almost 2.

Coming to us with severe separation anxiety meant that I had to work with her to gain her trust, to reassure her that she would not be abandoned, to show we love her very much and that we will always return to her. She is such a clever little princess and can now be left for up to 3-4 hours at home, although she isn’t left alone often.

Fondly nicknamed Roxie Roo as she’s very bouncy, she thinks that she is a human child and always wants to join in with the children when they play. She loves being cuddled, belly rubs (she wasn’t keen on these when she first came to live with us), and will roll over and “swim” on her back at your feet until you rub her tummy!

In the beginning, Roxie wasn’t sure of other dogs and could be territorial over food and toys. This has improved massively and her best friend is a 6 year old Boxer dog called Bonnie – they are great playmates and snuggle buddies. Roxie still doesn’t like sharing her food and toys but this is easily managed when we visit Bonnie or Bonnie comes to us.

Roxie 2

Roxie is still wary of larger dogs that she meets on walks and we have accepted that because she has mastered so much in the two years that she has been our resident princess!

She has been on UK holidays with us twice already and loves the seaside, although is wary of the seagulls as they’re nearly as big as her! A bit of a water baby, she loved having her pool in the Summer months but much preferred jumping into the family pool with everyone else instead – we don’t mind as she is family! A lover of sleep, she sometimes identifies as a cat and will sleep for hours, including on the arm of the sofa. She sleeps on the bottom of one of our beds at night, but sleeps in her own bed when she is less than happy with us! This is usually after a trip to the vets!

We are extremely grateful to have been matched with this beautiful baby girl who is full of character, affection and is a bundle of joy and laughs. Anyone thinking of adopting from UKBTR shouldn’t hesitate! They really ensure that the dog you’re applying for is a perfect match for both you and the dog!

Thank you again for Roxie, UKBTR!