Special Appeal - Danny


This special boy is still waiting for his furever family.
Not all Superhero’s wear capes…. a lot of them wear waterproofs and carry poo bags!!
We’re looking for a Superhero!!
Do you avoid busy places, joggers, noise, squirrels, pigeons, cats and other dogs on the odd day!
Do you have a small, round, BatDog shaped hole in your file?
Could you love a Frenchie/Boston mix reach his full potential?
Then this could be the boy for you!!
Everyone, meet Danny.
A very cute, very loving Frenchton - an adorable mix of French Bulldog and Boston Terrier.
Danny has very kindly given us a little write up to help match him to his perfect home
Hey, I’m Danny.
I’m 6 years old, short, dark and handsome.
I’m housetrained, can sit, stay and roll over on command and clean the kitchen of crumbs without asking.
I like the quiet life, walks on secluded beaches, parks when no-one is around, sunning myself in the garden, snoozing in the shade.
I’m looking for an adult human or two so share my life, rub my belly, play (on my terms) and help me be calm.
I don’t like my feet being played with, hate nail clipping time, but do love a treat and cheese.
My ideal mate(s) will like a quiet walk, an afternoon nap on the sofa, to continue my training to be an ever better BatDog than I am now.
In return, I’ll give you licks, bottom burps, keep you active playing, the odd quiet walk, snuggles and keep you warm in the winter.
In all seriousness his situation is pretty dire…..
He is a very nervous 6yr old who displays strong warning signs and has nipped when he is grumpy or startled.
He’s not keen on big dogs, not that keen on small yappy dogs, not that keen on many dogs, but has made doggy pals, so with gentle introduction to a like minded calm dog, he can be happy.
He has made a lot of progress in his foster home, but we are now looking for something more permanent.
We need a home that will invest time and effort and a lot of love and understanding and most of all patience to help him reach his full potential.
His foster mum has done amazing work so far, giving him the love and training and boundaries he needs.
Danny is her ‘little gremlin’ but he does need a furever home. Could that be you?
You will receive a full write up on Danny, his issues and traits, his loves and hates.
In return, you will receive help on training, full support night and day.
Most of us who volunteer at UKBTR have rescued a dog and know just how hard it can be, the times when you want to cry and give up, when you think ‘what was i thinking!! - what am i doing?! - I can’t do this anymore!’
But we also have the joy, the elation and relief, the proud dog-mom moment, when you look back and think ‘we did it!!’, when you’re friends, who have been on that journey with you, see just a different dog you have and remind you of just how amazing you and your pup are! And what a moment that is!!
Could you be Danny’s soul mate?
His wellie wearing, poo bag carrying superhero?
Contact us today…