Update - Frodo now adopted

We have a 6 year old male Boston called Frodo who just wants someone to love- but he has some significant issues and this is a special appeal to see if anyone can answer his calls.
He has severe separation anxiety - he cant cope when people come and go (even entering and leaving the room causes him anxiety) being left at all is a huge stress and this impacts on any owners life!
He has only just learnt to use an open crate as a safe place and now sleeps in there.
He has a high prey drive and his levels of anxiety mean he is on high alert on any walks and is better with minimal distractions and a more rural environment than a busy town or city. He does react to other dogs and will need a dog/cat/furry free home.
He does love people but takes time to cope with lots of family movement - he is better in a quieter home, does like children but he is very bouncy, active, anxious and noisy at times so maybe not with young children.
We have a behaviourist who is working closely with foster family on zoom and this would continue - improvements have been made but it’s going to be a long road and take months not days or weeks to see significant changes if any. He is prescribed medication to try and reduce his fears sufficiently for the work he needs. He is he likely to regress slightly when moved again.
He unfortunately was left behind when his owners left the country and we do not know if this was because of his anxieties or if they developed from being left in an empty house - but either way this boy is hurting and if he gets love and affection he just doesn’t want it to go away ever - he loves cuddles and sofa time and is most happy with his family at home ( a roaring fire is a bonus but not essential lol)
This is a sad story and heartstrings will be pulled BUT we can’t emphasise enough he needs more than just love and his behaviours are such that he had already had a failed foster to adopt and the current emergency foster family who stepped in to help are also struggling despite loving him dearly.
If anyone feels they may be able to offer Frodo a home please express an interest. If you don’t already have an application in with us please also complete one  and all suitable offers will be followed up.
Thank you 😊
Update 13th Feb 2022
You may remember Frodo for whom we recently did a special appeal to find him a special furever home that could cope with his extreme separation anxiety - well the great news is that after a very long process involving ourselves, the new owner, foster family and behaviourist - he moved yesterday to his new family!
Huge thank you to a great foster family who got him to this stage (he is vey different to the boy that first came in) and heartfelt thanks to the new mum who has made huge changes to her home and life to accommodate this boy.
Good luck Frodo, you can do this 💕