Success Story -2 Special pupdates

I thought I’d do a couple of updates of two special dogs that came through our rescue. First up is Boston. He arrived a year ago and I remember getting the call late at night that the transporter couldn’t get him out of the van as he was so reactive. After 2 hours with the help of the fosterers they finally got him out but he was so highly dog and human reactive he couldn’t stay as foster dad’s children were due to arrive in the next few days. After a few frantic calls, emergency space was found for him at the Birkett-Smith Animal Sanctuary. I remember the message we got from Joy Keys not long after he arrived and she felt all indicators were he might never be able to be rehomed. But Joy worked her usual magic; she wiped the slate clean and started over with him, as though training him as a new puppy. He even got a new name: Little Boz.
Boz spent a few months at the sanctuary and was then moved to one of our amazing fosterers, Julia McCaughan 

who continued his rehab with ongoing support and advice from Joy. After a few more months with Julia, Little Boz was ready for adoption and was lucky enough to be adopted by Chloe Hampton 

and Matt Wright.
They took on the challenge and have worked so hard with him and this is the result. He even has his own Instagram account:
It’s not been easy but so worth it!
Second update is Homer. He came in with dog reactivity that would be redirected to humans. He too spent a spell in rehab with Joy Keys
and did well but had his quirks and Joy knew he needed a special sofa, somewhere where he would be accepted for who he was, with no expectations of improvements. So he went to Natalia Cadavid Martinez who knew he’d be hard work and would almost certainly never be great with other dogs.
Well this is Homer now. He has a brother and as you can see they’re best pals!