Success Story - Alba

Jan 2020

I thought I’d do a little Alba update for everyone. 🥰

For those of you that don’t know, Alba was surrendered by the loveliest of couples who’d bought her online from a farm where she’d lived in a shed with 12 other dogs and was used for breeding. They took her home but as an only dog she simply couldn’t cope and her life had reduced to living in their kitchen and refusing to go out (she’d vomit if walked). They tried everything including paying for a behaviourist but Alba, like most ex-breeders from puppy farms, just couldn’t cope without the presence of other dogs.

I can still remember Sandi asking the rest of us trustees to look at her surrender form and wondering how best we could place this girl into foster. I took one look and knew we could help her. She was the same age as Nessa was when we’d taken her from the farm in Wales and had an almost identical background. And as you all know if it weren’t for Ness there’d be no UKBTR.

From the moment Alba arrived she started to come alive. From a dog who wouldn’t leave the house to one who discovered her prey drive: so much so she popped her knee just before Christmas chasing birds and squirrels and ended up needing patella surgery!

I really cannot claim any credit for this; it was the Bartlett canine clan that showed her how to be a dog.

I was absolutely 100% sure I didn’t want another dog after losing Nessa last May as I’m stil not over her (and not sure I ever will be) but it seems Alba had other ideas and seeing how she crapped herself (all over the vet’s shoes) when led away without me when she popped her knee, made me realise we could never put her through another move again.

As a rescue we’re not about failed fosters generally as we don’t feel it’s fair to those on our waiting list but this truly was a decision made in Alba’s best interests.  (And in my defence I have fostered loads before and not failed)

 Alba sleep

Feb 2020


Another Alba update. The ex-breeding puppy farm bitch who couldn’t be walked as she’d literally be sick with anxiety.

Well, the nervous harness and lead had to go; it was becoming fraudulent!

She has discovered her prey drive

The final photo; her crashed out on her return after a long walk and pheasant hunt.

Thank goodness for trackers! 😂