Success Story - Thomas or Mr T

We wanted to give a little update on one of our many success stories. Thomas was found as a stray in poor condition. Here was his original adoption post:


Hi there! My name is Thomas, I’m 8 years old, neutered (oh the shame!) and I’m looking for my last furever home.



You may remember me – I was picked up by the dog warden when I was wandering the streets, and then I had to go and live in kennels for 2 weeks (They treated me like an actual dog – can you believe it??). My last home didn’t look after me very well so I wasn’t in great shape. Check out the photo to see how skinny I was! I was also anaemic because I was absolutely crawling with fleas, my claws were curled back on themselves and my coat was dirty and smelly. 

The good people at UKBTR rescued me from the kennels and put me in something called a foster home. Not sure what that is but hey it’s great! I’ve had decent food, warmth, comfort, cuddles, walks and lots of love. I’ve also had medical treatment so I’m all good now. We were hoping I could stay there forever but sadly family illness meant it isn’t possible.

So now I’m looking for my permanent home with special adopters as I’m a special boy. I’d like one with no other dogs or young children (under 12). I need/want/deserve a nice quiet home where I can be centre of attention.  I’d like more decent food – regular treats won’t be refused either – nice walks, a lap or two to snuggle up on and lots of love. In return you’ll get lots of cuddles, maybe even some kisses after the first date. I’ll love you and be good for you – and you get to look at my absurdedly handsome chops all the time. How can you refuse?

Apparently, I have to mention my 'faults' too (really??)  Ok so I pull on the lead and strain to get to other dogs.  I need some training in this area.  I can also be quite hyper; I don't like lots of noise and can get anxious in noisy environments.

Well, we found the perfect match for Thomas and here was a little update form his new mum after 6 weeks of loving him.

"I can’t believe 6 weeks yesterday I met UKBT Thomas, and I was lucky enough to bring him home. We have had amazing time getting to know each other- he loves cashew nut butter, and he now sits without prompting at roads- of course with a treat after he’s crossed nicely.  He’s even been invited to dinner and said oh bring your mum too! He’s met all my friends and we’ve enjoyed exploring together. I’m so proud to be your mum. I cannot wait to take you on holiday and other adventures when the world sorts itself out."


The love between these two has continued to blossom and Thomas’s mum recently gave us another update.

"Hi All, I thought I’d give an update on UKBT Tom (or Mr T as his new nickname). We’ve been having fun exploring our town and we’re coming across places I never knew existed. He then comes home and crashes out on the sofa next to me. I’m currently training for the London marathon and he’s not very impressed by the treadmill in our bedroom. The last photo is he spending some cwtsh/cuddle time after my run before we head out for our morning walk. Me T sends his love to everyone especially to the boys and girls waiting for their forever sofas- he said to ask your new family for sprats they taste so good and make my fur all soft and shiny, so I look even more handsome!"