The Importance of Scent

Scent is such a HUGE part of your dog's life! So how can you take advantage of it?

Let your dog sniff whilst out on walks! This is your dog's equivalent to reading the newspaper, or even going on Facebook, and the only way they can find out what is going on in the outside world. Although sniffing every two steps may be a bit excessive, do make sure you aren't dragging them along past their favourite sniffing spots and maybe even point out some sniffing spots you think could be particularly good.


Use a snuffle mat or scatter feed their food! Sniffing is an inherently calming activity for most dogs AND dogs are natural foragers, so sniffing-out their food amongst long grass, or in a snuffle mat, is a great outlet for this behaviour that can even help calm more excitable dogs. You can also add a cue to this behaviour, like with any, so that they are only looking for food on the ground when you say it will be there.


Play 'Find it' games! You can hide treats, toys and even people for your dog to sniff out, which could come in handy later down-the-line when your keys go missing...!


 Create a 'scent-box'! If you go out somewhere, either with or without your dog, try and pick-up different objects from your time out. You can then offer up these objects to your dog later to sniff, so they can either re-live their adventure, or learn about your day.

Article courtesy of Bone Canis canine training.