Zeus - The God of Conquering Fears.

Todays Forever Home Story is another feel good one.  Zeus is a handsome chap with some fear issues but like his name sake the God of War he is soldiering on to conquer them.

In the words of his mummy:-

After my last Boston, I swore I’d never have another because I thought I’d constantly compare them. Fortunately, my partner (& best friend who sent me the post saying he had been waiting a while for a home) managed to win me over on this one and we are the proud owners of our gorgeous boy Zeus. As soon as I saw his photo I just knew!
We adopted him a little over 3 months ago and genuinely can’t remember what life was like before him. At almost 7 years old, as many others have said, age is not a barrier to a Boston and he is very much proof of this! He is a crazy little bundle of energy who loves his walks and playtime but his sofa snoozes and cuddles in equal measure. He loves his food, treats, Myley (my partner’s daughter), Grandma - and his absolute favourites are cheese and a lie in on the weekend!
When he came to us, he was a healthy weight and he has the most gorgeous shiny soft coat, but his nails were very overgrown (due to not being walked very much) and initially, his paws bled when he was walked even just for a short time so we had to get him used to this. He was, understandably, quite frantic at first, but he soon settled in.
We were made aware that he was reactive to dogs beforehand, but I was shocked at just how reactive he was. Being completely honest, we have struggled with this and it makes us sad to see him like that but we are currently working with an excellent trainer, who told us that it was due to him being overwhelmed & fearful, as well as not knowing how to walk on a lead so feeling insecure and not trusting his humans. Although he’s not totally cured and has blips, he is a super quick learner and has come on leaps and bounds! We are so proud of him.