Zuki - Heaven and Earth

According to a Native American myth, dogs with different coloured eyes can see both Heaven (the blue eye) and earth (the brown eye) at the same time. So are considered spirit dogs and therefore very special to their families.

Zuki is no exception to that myth. This little Boston girl is a perfect success story.


In the words of her mum –



We adopted Zuki at the end of March after losing both our Boston’s (Rocky and Frankie) at the beginning of the year within 2 weeks of each other. We were devastated as a family and about the same time Zuki popped up on FB rescue page.

Like many of us, I read her blog but kept scrolling when I read her age and health issues BUT something stuck and when we saw an update a couple of weeks later saying she hadn’t had one application we couldn’t believe it (I always assumed the rescue dogs got snapped up and we wouldn’t stand a chance) our hearts broke for her.  Family discussions started.

We contacted the rescue who put us in touch with her foster parents who had nothing but wonderful things to say about her and were very attached to her and after a discussion on the phone and what’s app messages exchanged, we arranged a visit.

Well, what a dog this girl is!! From the minute we met her we were so in love with her. For a nearly 7-year-old she is bonkers and has so much love to give and so much energy. Zuki is deaf (from birth) and has a grade 5 heart murmur that will need to be reviewed regularly but they really don’t stop her!

We are loving watching her personality grow each day and she has gone from a shy little thing to a dog that rules the roost, and we wouldn’t have it any other way! Our children adore her, and she adores them and quite often will be found on one of their beds napping Zuki can be aggressive towards other dogs and we have been working on her separation anxiety- neither of these issues are her fault and we will continue to try and make these better. So - on paper if you read Zuki’s list of issues and her age of course you might keep scrolling like I did, but we cannot stress enough how much these older dogs or dogs with difficult behaviour can bring so much love and joy to your life.

Please consider the older dogs if are thinking of adopting, they will not let you down! Special thanks to all involved in rescuing and fostering these dogs, we will forever be grateful.