We are always in need of Foster homes for our dogs, but now more than ever.



You will need to be…

            Dog Free Home

            Child Free Home – with no or very few visiting children

            Cat Free Home – or have a dog savvy cat



You will need…

           To be open minded to the type of dog.. some may be nervous, scared,                 apprehensive, maybe aggressive

           To be open hearted to the dogs needs… be willing to be patient, loving,               a guide to how they should live and behave

           To be patient….some may have toilet issues, trust issues, scared of                     humans, scared of dogs/cats, scared of noise

           To give love and time…. To show them how to dog, how to behave, to                 give love, to give time to walk and play and also how to settle



You will receive…

            Full support from UK Boston Terrier Rescue

            Be able to contact the team at any time with questions or for guidance

            Behaviourists are available if needed

            All Vets bills are covered by the Charity

Fostering could be between 3 and 6 months, so great for those that want a dog, but also want to holiday without the worry of who can look after the dog while you’re away.
Don’t fancy a few months? Then why not be a respite foster carer?  You will foster a dog for a few days or a week or two while our regular fosters have a break.
Know someone who loves your Boston? Would have one if they had the time? They may be perfect for us!!! Tag them in this post 


Fostering is not a lifetime commitment

            But it is a commitment to change a life……